Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Release Schedule (It's Complicated!)

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I realized that I haven't yet shared anything about my upcoming BDSM novella Mastering Maya, which will be included in the Switch anthology from Total-E-Bound. The thing is - there's more than just one release date.

Some of you may be aware that in the past, Total-E-Bound made its books available exclusively on the TEB site for the first three months. The objective was to maximize author royalties; in general, authors make more from books bought directly from their publishers, because all the third party sites like Amazon or ARE take a cut before royalties are calculated.

However, results from a recent author survey conducted by the TEB management (and how's that for a great publisher - they actually ask their authors for feedback!) suggested that authors wanted books to appear on third-party sites right away, because that's where the bulk of the readers are.

So, TEB has instituted a new release policy that's a win-win proposition for everyone involved. Every book now had three important dates:

Pre-order date - about six weeks prior to general release, readers can order an upcoming book at a substantial discount. As soon at the book is available, they'll be notified to come and download it.

Pre-release date - about three weeks later, ebooks will be available to buy on the TEB site only. Once again, readers will get a discount (though less than if they pre-order).

General release date - book will be available at all outlets. Buyers from TEB will not longer receive a discount.

Thus, loyal and/or impatient readers can get books from their favorite authors faster, and cheaper!

Anyway, the Switch anthology - which also includes fabulous stories from Desiree Holt, Elizabeth Coldwell, Wendi Zwaduk, Amy Valenti, and Lauren Gallagher - will have release dates as follows:

Pre-order - 27th of August
Pre-release - 10th of September
General release - 8th of October

Meanwhile, Mastering Maya will be available as a stand-alone title on pre-order on the 8th, also.

Totally confused? Just shoot me an email if you want clarification. And don't worry, if you're on my announcements Yahoo group, Lisabet's List, I'll remind you as the dates arrive.

I haven't even told you what the book is about, have I? Here's the blurb:

Behind the mask of control hides a spirit aching to surrender.

Mistress Maya bears the nickname "The Ice Queen". Her precision in administering discipline, her skill in evoking a submissive's devotion, and her unshakable self-control are legendary in the small but active Boston kink community.

From the moment newcomer Dom Shark sees Maya flogging a sub at Club Inferno, he's obsessed with her beauty and power. He'd determined to break through her defenses and bring her the same release she grants to the lucky slaves she tops. When Maya dismisses Shark as young and inexperienced, he offers her a challenge: a night together, during which he'll show her what it means to be mastered. If he fails to bring her to new heights of sensation, he agrees to become her slave.

What begins as a test of wills evolves into something deeper and more intense. As the younger man uses his insight and skill to coax Maya into submission, he comes to understand the wounded spirit hiding behind her mask of control. Can he make Maya trust him enough to surrender? Or will the flawless, untouchable dominatrix take possession of his body as well as his heart?

Want to read an excerpt? Just click here...

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Janice Seagraves said...

From what I understood, staggering release dates at third party sites gives an author a new release date to help sell their work.


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