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Love for the Blessing and Gift of Amnesty

By Aliyah Burke

I grew up working with charities and non-profit organizations. It was what I lived and breathed outside of school. It wasn't an oddity for me; it's just how it was. It was the life of our family. We spent our time helping those who were less fortunate. And I have to say, it was an amazing way to grow up. I learned so much, met such amazing people and have connections all over the world because of it. It taught me that my life truly wasn't that bad at all. I'd not lived in fear of every noise that sounded in the night. I never worried where or if the next bit of food was, and I never had to worry about my rights as a human being ignored. The people I worked with didn't have that luxury.

When I first found out about the call put out for this collection, I was immediately intrigued. This collection was a call for interracial stories which is mostly what I write and I'm always of the belief that two people, no matter what they look like, should be able to share their love with one another without any fear of retaliation. Not to mention the charity this group of stories would be supporting. Amnesty International. They focus on ending abuses to human rights. Two things which are very important to me. So I decided to submit a story I had written for hopes of publication with the CT anthology, At Last.

Not to mention I was reminded how long it has been since I've done something else to benefit another person or a group of people, other than giving things to Goodwill or writing off a check to someplace. My excuse…no time, well that wasn't good enough. Not anymore. It was time for me to help out again, to put others first.

I mean, let's face it. I'm a writer, surely I could write a story that would benefit other people and hopefully touch some as well. I'd done it once before, I could do it again. And so I did. I am so honoured to have worked with and be a part of an association which focuses solely on benefiting others. But this is not about me but about Coming Together and how it is and has benefited so many.

It is hard to find the time to support causes. I know this, we all do. Life is hectic and it seems so easy to say, "I'll do it later." The great thing about Coming Together and the stories they offer is that you can do something and get a great read out of it as well. So many charities to support and so many different types of tales to read. And I humbly thank each and every one of you who supports the various charities by an act so simple as purchasing a book.

My CT story is titled, Love Under the Endless African Sky, and it is for support of Amnesty International. Henrietta "Eddie" Buxton, a civil engineer, is over in Zimbabwe helping some locals install an irrigation system. With the uprising trouble between the army and the rebels her father asks for a favour to get her home. That favour comes in the form of Ryder Matthews, an ex-marine. It's his job to go there, locate her, and bring her home safely. Only Eddie refuses to go with him and Ryder learns more about helping others staying with her under the endless African sky.

Excerpt for: Love Under the Endless African Sky--Coming Together: At Last Vol.2

She stretched out and had just closed her eyes when a low voice reached her. “How’re your batteries?”

Eddie grinned in the dark. She should have known he was not really asleep. “Never better.”

You should upgrade,” he said in a whisper.

Upgrade to what?”

Me,” he said right by her ear.

Eddie knew it might not be the smartest thing but she didn’t care. There were parts of her body she’d ignored way to long. Tossing back her blankets she said, “I hope you aren’t bluffing about how good you are.”

He slipped in beside her. “I’ll let you decide.”

She groaned as his hands began to explore her body. Callused skin slid under her shirt, skimming her ribs, and teasing the undersides of her bare and sensitive breasts.

Take it off,” he commanded, tugging on her tank top.

She did and groaned as he covered her body with his own. Strands of his chest hair teased her taut nipples. Eddie trailed her hands down the muscled expanse of his bare back.

His lips nibbled along her jaw line, his stubble sending extra shockwaves through her. One hand moved toward a breast. She moaned as he cupped it and flicked the pebbled tip. Ryder licked and nipped his way down her neck and sternum. His tongue swiped the inside slope of each breast before he sucked one tip completely into his mouth.

Oh, shit! Her back arched off the cot and her hand threaded into the thick hair he had, pressing him as close as possible. His mouth moved between her breasts, keeping her tense and so close to an orgasm. It was like he knew and backed off before she reached it, and then get her all worked up again.

Torture. It was exquisite torture.

Eddie could feel the moisture leaking down the inside of her thigh. Her hips undulated against him, his long, hard cock pressed against her, tantalizing her.

She spread her legs wider, craving the feel of him between her thighs. Desperate to have that ridge stroking her clit. She whimpered as she felt it. Eddie tried to move faster but he wouldn’t let her.

Impatient,” he murmured in her ear.

Stop teasing me,” she growled trying to push down his pants.

I’m not teasing. If I was I’d do this.”

Before she knew what happened, he’d shoved two of his large fingers deep inside her pussy. Lights flickered behind her eyes as the orgasm swarmed her. “Ahhh!” she screamed.

A scream he cut off with a kiss.

The kiss was anything but gentle. His fingers slammed into her. Over and over as his tongue plundered her mouth.

He stopped as fast as he’d started. “If I was teasing, I’d leave you like this.”

No,” she begged. “Please don’t leave me like this.” Her body longed for so much more.

Don’t worry, Henrietta,” he purred. “Your hot pussy needs to be fucked. Thoroughly.”

Yes,” she sighed, her skin on fire. All that mattered was his touch and the ecstasy it brought her.

Ryder helped her out of her pants and when his body rubbed against her, she reveled in the feel of his nakedness. His thick cock pressed against her wet slit but didn’t enter.

I can’t wait to feel you milking my dick,” he rumbled against her ear. “I know you’re so fuckin’ tight just by the way you squeezed my fingers. My cock was made to fit in this hot pussy.”

She dripped even more onto her blankets. Reaching between them, Eddie wrapped a hand around his warm erection and guided it into her pussy.

Yes,” he groaned. “Bring me home, baby.” His hips flexed and he sank completely into her heat.

Ohhh!” she hissed in pleasure. Dear God this feels so good.

Ryder kissed her, gentle this time as he slowly began moving inside her. Deep, even strokes.

She dug her nails into his shoulders as her ankles hooked behind his back. The cot squeaked with every thrust and that was followed by a low moan.

Eddie sucked hard on his tongue and clenched the muscles in her pussy as an orgasm bore down upon her.

So tight,” he muttered into her mouth. “So blessed tight.”

Faster,” she ordered, desperately needing the relief he could bring her.

Ryder was rapidly losing his control. Her hot, tight, wet channel held him like a custom made suit. There was only one person designed to wear it. For him, it was Henrietta Buxton.

His balls were so close to exploding. He had known she’d be amazing, but this…this was off the charts.

Each stroke brought a mewl from the back of her throat which enhanced his passion. He began to thrust faster, sinking balls deep in her velvet heat and drawing back groaning as her muscles clenched around him as if begging him to stay.

Ryder had no intention of leaving the bounty before him. Her body writhed beneath him, hips arching to allow him deeper penetration.

More,” she begged over and over until it became her mantra.

Oh yeah,” he promised and picked up his speed again. He placed his hands by her ears and plunged in and out.




A low rumble was born in his chest as he pounded into Eddie. His balls tingled and he knew he couldn’t last much longer.

Please,” she panted.

Please what?”

I need…I need…”

He knew what she needed. Supporting most of his weight on one hand, he slipped the other between them and played with her clit.

Ahhh!” she bit back her scream and pressed her face into his shoulder.

Her body shuddered as she orgasmed. Her pussy contracted hard around him, the rippling muscles working him like no woman had ever done before.



Ryder propelled himself as deep as he could go and unloaded his sperm within her. The roar escaped from him as his cock ejaculated in her. On shaky limbs he lowered himself on top of her.

Are you okay?” he asked, feeling the rapid speed of her heart rate.

Uh huh,” she mumbled.

Rolling in the narrow cot, Ryder maneuvered them so he was on the bottom and her body lay on top. He pulled the blankets up to the top of her shoulders and fought to find his breath.

She sighed and burrowed her face into his chest, raining little kisses all over it. “I bet that wasn’t in the colonel’s plan.”

Ryder wrapped his arms around her and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. One hand moved in an idyllic motion. “No, I don’t suppose it was.”

And I don’t give a damn.

While I’d love to further my exploration of your talents, I have to get some sleep.” Her words were soft and laced with exhaustion and contentment.

He smiled in the dark. His heart melted as she reached up and kissed him once. Softly. It wasn’t long and Ryder knew she was sound asleep.

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She is married to a career military man, they have a German shepherd, two Borzoi, and a DSH cat. Her days are spent sharing her time between work, writing, and dog training/showing.



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Wanda said...

I read Henrietta's story and loved it, as I do all your books I have read. What you've done for the charity is wonderful, glad I played a small part in it by purchasing the book. Excellent interview!


Nancy said...

As always Aliyah, you give great excerpts. You are right, love knows no boundaries. Congratulations to you and your family for working so hard to give back to the world. You've earned a special place in Heaven for this.


Michelle said...

Thank you for the great excerpts...

Michelle B. aka koshkalady

Aliyah Burke said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the story, Wanda! And thank you for supporting the charity. Nancy--thank you so much. Michelle--so glad you're enjoying the excerpts.
Happy reading,

The Scarf Princess said...

I'm glad charity has always been a part of your life and that you found a way to fulfill not only your giving nature but also your career. I LOVE the excerpt you posted and have added this to my wishlist.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Aliyah Burke said...

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the story and thank you for your support of both my work and the charity!

Annabeth Leong said...

“I’m not teasing. If I was I’d do this.”

Ha. I love dirty talk and sexy dialogue. I guess I'm an auditory learner--my attention tends to zero in on that. I really enjoy the whole "teasing" exchange in this excerpt. Thanks for this and the post!

Aliyah Burke said...

Thanks, Annabeth! So glad you enjoyed it.

Savannah said...

Thanks for the great excerpts I loved them!!!

Forums said...

sexy sexy excerpt. love the cover of the book, too. really exciting! can't wait to read more~

Aliyah Burke said...

Thanks y'all for all the wonderful comments. Savannah has been chosen as the winner. I'll be int touch with you today! Thanks again, y'all!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing a piece of your story with us, Aliyah.


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