Thursday, February 2, 2012

Giving Back

By Lisabet Sarai

Gratitude, I've found, begets plenty. Count your blessings and you find that they multiply. And when you keep the good flowing, benefits always return.

I've led a fortunate life in many respects. I want to do what I can to share my bounty. It's more difficult than you'd expect, though. I donate financially to causes I support, but what I can offer is a mere drop in the bucket compared to what's needed. And money is so impersonal.

For a long time now, I've wanted to volunteer my time to some worthy endeavor, but actually, with my work schedule, I don't have a lot of time available. Furthermore, I'd like to use my specialized skills for the benefit of others. Working in a soup kitchen or entertaining orphans doesn't really take advantage of my years of education and experience.

Then I found Coming Together - the perfect way for me to volunteer something uniquely mine and help make the world a better place.

I can't recall how I heard about Alessia's work. I wasn't a part of the organizing group on Literotica. I believe that Coming Together: For the Cure was the first charitable anthology in which I had a story. Several of my close friends and relatives are breast cancer survivors; I was thrilled to have the opportunity to do something that might spare others some of the misery they experienced.

Since then, I've contributed to six more CT anthologies: Under Fire, With Pride, Al Fresco, At Last, As One and By Hand. I also wrote a stand-alone novella, A Breed Apart, for the Tabooty series, a protest against Amazon's de-listing of erotic titles that featured incest or other taboo topics. About half of the stories I've provided to Coming Together are exclusive, tales I wrote specifically for the anthology in question. I figured that if someone likes my writing, he or she should be willing to fork out a few bucks for the chance to read something brand new - especially if it's for a good cause.

Back in 2009, my involvement with Coming Together moved to a new level when Alessia asked me to co-edit Coming Together: For Her, an amazing collection of erotica by Laurence Doyen. I'd previously edited two multi-author anthologies (Sacred Exchange and Cream), not to mention scores of research papers by students and colleagues, so I had the necessary qualifications, and I really enjoyed the process. After release of Laurence's book, Alessia proposed that I take responsibility as editor for a new Coming Together Presents imprint, which would feature full-length collections of erotica from single authors.

After some soul-searching - I didn't want to make a commitment if I couldn't follow through - I agreed. Since then, we've published five Coming Together Presents volumes, by some of my favorite erotica authors: M. Christian, Remittance Girl, C. Sanchez-Garcia, Robert Buckley and Teresa Lamai. You may not be familiar with some of these names, but let me assure you: all of them write stunning, arousing, thought-provoking erotic tales - and each is distinctly different. You will get the chance to hear from all of them this month, during our Share the Love event, so I won't sing their praises any further. Come back later in the month for samples of their eloquence and heat. (Check the sidebar for the Blog Fest schedule.)

I'm proud of the stories I've written for Coming Together. To be honest, though, I'm even prouder of the books I've edited. They benefit causes I wholeheartedly support, but on top of that, they're incredibly good. I'd love to get the New York Times to review them, because these volumes offer more than just sexy stories - they're literary gems.

Anyway, I'll let the other authors speak for themselves. I want to share a bit from one of my own favorite Coming Together stories, Chemistry, which I wrote specifically for Coming Together: With Pride. The story is also available as a stand-alone Hor D'ouvres title, for only 99 cents.

Kit is a workaholic, a brilliant pharmacological chemist who is driven to succeed. She wants a life that is controlled, disciplined, and predictable. When she meets Frank, her hairy ex-hippie neighbor, she's inexplicably and irresistibly attracted to him, though he represents everything that she despises. She tries to fight her own desire, but discovers that sometimes, chemistry trumps rationality.


Frank was staring at her again, his eyes twinkling behind his wire-framed glasses. Absently, he scratched his unruly head. She could tell that he hadn't showered.

"I guess, then, that we're neighbors."

"Yes, well, I don't spend much time at home." She licked her lips nervously. "Mostly, I'm at work."

"You work too hard, I think. You need to take time to enjoy life." He rummaged in his pocket and she caught another glimpse of his scrotum and his half-hard cock. Hastily, she turned to examine one of the posters.

"Want to do a number?" He was holding out a fat hand-rolled cigarette. Kit felt a sudden panic.

"No - um - I don't do drugs. I know too much about them."

"Oh?" He lit the joint himself and drew in a lungfull of the fragrant smoke.

"Yes, well, I work for a pharmaceutical company."

"Really. What a coincidence." She didn't understand. But she didn't want to ask questions or prolong the conversation. Really, she didn't want to talk about herself at all. She should be going home.

He took another toke and held it, closing his eyes. His expression was beatific. He reminded her of some hairy elf, or perhaps a giant, grizzled teddy bear. The smell of pot smoke drowned out the incense. Kit felt dizzy.

Frank stubbed out his joint. "Stand up -- what's your name?" His voice was soft, dreamy.


"What's that short for?"


"Oh, I like that much better. It suits you. I've always thought that ladies should have long, intricate names, names that dance on your tongue. Stand up, Katerina. Please. Let me look at you."

She felt brief indignation. Nobody told her what to do. Yet she obeyed, coming to her feet in front of him, so close, too close, the reach of bare skin between her top and shorts inches from him. She was light-headed, not herself.

"Katerina," he whispered. Then he reached out and grasped her buttocks, pulling her to his face.

His beard was softer than it looked, tickling her. For a moment he simply held her, breathing in, inhaling her as if she were another drug. Suddenly there was shocking wetness. His tongue circled her navel, dipped inside. Her sex clenched in a sudden, delicious spasm. He lapped in widening circles, then traced a wet path up her sternum. When he reached her bra, he deftly peeled back the stretchy material to expose her small breasts. He fastened his mouth on one swollen nipple. Kit moaned, embarrassed by her sudden need.

He sucked at her till the node of flesh was unbearably tender. Just when she couldn't bear any more, he switched to the other breast, strumming the rigid bead at its tip while her clit vibrated in sympathy.

"Oh, please...", she sighed. Her shorts were sticky and uncomfortable. She wanted them off. Frank paused and smiled at her. "Just a moment, Katerina, if you can be patient. I have something for you."

He scurried off to the glass display case, a comic figure, his shorts slipping down his hips to expose his furry butt. Her belly and breasts were soaked with his saliva.

Kit shuddered, desire mixed with revulsion. How could she let this smelly, hairy, untidy, old -- anachronism -- touch her? But God, it felt so good. Her cunt was sopping. Her pussy scent overwhelmed the smell of pot. I should go, she told herself, get out of here while I can. But Frank was back now, pulling her bra over her head, fastening a delicate silver chain around her waist. He eased her shorts over her hips. She kicked off her shoes, and he shimmied the lycra garment down to her ankles and off.

Kit stood before him, naked except for the ornamental chain. The silver strands brushed, ghostly, against her sensitized skin. Frank licked his lips. His eyes burned blue as gas flames; she basked in the heat of his obvious lust.

"Oh, yes," he breathed. "I thought that would suit you. Yes indeed..." His fingertips traced an airy path across her skin, touching but not touching, setting up currents that caressed her throat, her breasts, her belly, the smooth mound between her legs. "I don't know why you do it, though."

"Do what?" Kit almost groaned with frustration, as he appraised rather than caressed her.

"Shave, wax, whatever it is you do to remove your bush. A bare beaver looks so -- unnatural."

Annoyance almost overwhelmed Kit's horniness. "Well, I haven't had any complaints from anyone else. Also, without the hair I'm more sensitive."

His mischievous smile returned. "Oh, is that true? Well, then..." He slipped to his knees and peeled open her lower lips with his thumbs. "I've always enjoyed sensitive women." The tip of his tongue flicked across her swollen clit. Her back arched in reflex, forcing her pussy into his face. The old goat immediately took advantage, fastening his mouth on her sex and sucking like a human hoover. His tongue gathered the juices from her depths, then smeared them over her naked mound.

"Oh, um, ooh..." Kit writhed against him, wordlessly begging him to return his tongue to her throbbing clit. He seemed oblivious, though, focusing instead on her labia and the depths of her pussy. It felt exquisite, intense, but her clit screamed for some of the attention of that wet and agile tongue.

Then he stopped. "What...?" she began. She sucked in a surprised breath as he actually picked her up in his arms.

His curly chest hair tickled her breasts. He smelled a bit funky, sweat rather than soap; hints of pot smoke and incense lingered in his beard. Before she knew it, she was stretched out on her back on the pile of carpets and cushions she had noticed earlier, with the surprisingly strong and flexible old hippie kneeling between her spread thighs.

He rubbed his fingertip against the rigid bead of flesh at her center. She yelped, her pelvis dancing on the velvety surface under her. Apparently pleased with this reaction, he continued to massage her clit with one hand, while the other dabbled in her soaking cunt. One finger, then two, deep into her, but not deep enough. She moaned and twisted as both hands played her, one devoted to her clitoris, the other wandering, stroking, even gently probing her taut rear hole.

Luscious colors swirled across Kit's closed eyelids, whorls and eddies of brilliant blue and emerald green that pulsed in time with the throbbing in her pussy. She breathed in gasps, sucking in smoke and sandalwood. She was melting, liquefying. She was crystallizing into a thing of pure pleasure.

The crystal shattered. Kit wailed, her body going rigid and then limp. Frank continued to stroke her gently, drawing wetness from her depths, trailing it along her inner thighs. For a long time Kit basked in the rosy after-pleasure, perfectly relaxed, forgetting that he was there.

He bent to kiss her. The salty seaweed taste of her own sex shocked her into awareness. "You enjoyed that, didn't you, princess?" he murmured in her ear. "I told you that you shouldn't work so hard."


If you enjoyed this excerpt, maybe you'd like to get a copy of the story - or the full anthology - for yourself. You can buy all the Coming Together titles at All Romance Ebooks - who has generously waived their usual cut so that 100% of the selling price goes to the designated charity.

Meanwhile, you can win a copy of my M/F/M ménage novella Truce of Trust, simply by commenting on this post. Be sure to include your email address. I'll draw a name on Saturday February 4th.

And don't forget to comment every day, if you're interested in winning a Kindle Fire. See Alessia's post from yesterday for details!


Tamsyn said...

That was one hot excerpt! Love it. That it is written for a worthy project makes it all the more awesome!

Gabby said...

Steamy excerpt! It's great that you guys are doing something you love by writing stories like these but it's even better when your doing it for a great cause!

So is the book up grabs today Truce for Trust? Cuz I got an email saying it was Monsoon Fever and I already have that one, just curious I kind of felt like I got a mixed message.

Imp said...

I am awed (and more than a little intimidated) by the intensity of your writing. I've always loved this story. It so perfectly captures the attraction-repulsion dichotomy.

Coming Together Presents couldn't have a better editor. Thank you so much for all you do!

Annabeth Leong said...

I love what you say about money being impersonal. Hard to get more personal than erotica. :) It means a lot more, I think, to "materially participate" in an act of charity (as the IRS likes to say). Thanks for hosting this month!

annabeth dot leong at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I love your stories, Lisabet. You've been one of my favorite authors since I first heard about the world of erotic romance. :D

Thanks for the chance to win!


Chrisbails said...

Loved the excerpt. Want to finish the rest of the story now. Would love to win and read this book. Thanks for the chance to win.

Michelle said...

Wonderfully spicy excerpt Lisabet.

Michelle B. aka koshkalady

purrpurrkoshkamb (at) aol (dot) com

The Scarf Princess said...

It's great when you can combine your work with the aspect of volunteering. I LOVE the excerpt and hope to read the other stories in the anthology too.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Lisabet Sarai said...

Greetings, all! Thank you for stopping by to read and comment.

@Tamsyn - I admit that, as a child of the sixties, I have personally a lot of love for my hairy Frank! Guess it shows LOL.

@Gabby - sorry to confuse you. I got confused. I'm giving away Monsoon Fever on the 7th, when I'm back here participating in Ranae Rose's Red Hot Valentine's blog hop (as well as share the love). Today's giveaway is Truce of Trust. Hey, you might win both!

@Alessia - What can I say? CT brings out the best in me!

@Annabeth - I hadn't really thought about this, but you're right, there's very little that's more personal than sharing one's erotic visions.

@Suzanne - Thank you (blushing!)

@Chris - if the book sounds appealing, you can get it for only 99 cents... and support AIDS research!

@Michelle - Thank you!

@joder - Check out the Coming Together website ( We've got something like a dozen multi-author anthologies, plus the single author collections and some shorter work. Every single title benefits a good cause!

desitheblonde said...

that is a great book and i do the same go by nick name Desi instead of Desiree i love the cover of the book and the info you got it hot
and would make a good read thanks for the chance to win it and then
i would like to know did you do any book mark on them

hotcha12 said...


Anonymous said...

What a super hot excerpt. Intersting that she is so conflicted. Thanks. lisagk(at)yahoo(dot)com

Sacchi Green said...

Such lovely sex, especially with the swirling colors. As a child (well, a little older than that) of the 60s myself, I'm glad to see an appreciation of bearish maturity, too.

Unknown said...

Hello Lisabet,
Wow that was a really HOT excerpt, your book is going on my To Buy List....your book in the giveaway looks VERY STEAMY as well, "Truce of Trust", Mmmmm a M/F/M ménage. I would appreciate if I could be entered in your giveaway.
Take Care & Have a Wonderful Weekend,
PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)

Lisabet Sarai said...


Thanks to everyone who commented. The magical random number generated has picked DESI. Congratulations!

Please keep coming back during the rest of February. We have guests giving away books almost every day. I'll be back on Tuesday the 7th giving away Monsoon Fever, and also giving you a chance to win a $50 gift certificate as part of Ranae Rose's Hot Valentine's Blog Fest.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree about the money. However there are so many people that consider it GOD. One day I hope they learn that it is not all.

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