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Sizzling Sunday: A Mad Tea Party – #EroticFantasy #SizzlingSunday #Harem

Sizzling Sunday Alex in Tittyland

Several days ago someone posted a five star review on Amazon for my rather silly erotic fantasy Alex in Tittyland. Needless to say, I was delighted. Anyway, I thought I’d take that as hint that I should feature the book for today’s Sizzling Sunday feature.



Wonderland? Or wet dream?

When you’re up to your armpits in hot babes, it can be hard to tell the difference!

Alex’s life looks bleak. His basketball scholarship’s been canceled due to Covid and his foxy California girlfriend has dumped him. Now he’s stuck in Baltimore, living with his mother and working the night shift at the Shake ‘n Shop mini-mart. He’s sure he’s going to lose even that crappy job when a curvy customer in a rabbit mask takes off without paying.

Racing to catch her, he tumbles into a world of wonders, where sex organs grow on trees and horny women fawn over his endowments. Always the gentleman, Alex does his best to satisfy the lascivious inhabitants of Tittyland, even as he searches for the delectable rabbit-girl. But his quest leads him into the clutches of the sadistic and insatiable Queen of Hearts, who’s determined to first drain, then decapitate him.

Maybe Baltimore was better after all!


At the head of the table sat a woman wearing an enormous hat the color of a ripe peach, trimmed with a matching ostrich feather and, incongruously, trailing a price tag from the wide brim. The flamboyant headdress hid her face, but her body was comparably extravagant. The neckline of her tight, orange satin gown plunged almost to her navel, showing off a tanned cleavage as deep as the Grand Canyon. Nipples the size of cumquats distended the fabric on either side of that gulf. Alex couldn’t see her lower half, but if her tits were any indication, she must have an awesome booty.

To her left was an even more surprising creature. Her sleek skin was nutmeg-brown. Alex could see a lot of that skin, since she wore nothing but a tiny green macramé bikini. Her breasts, though smaller than those of her hat-wearing companion, were more than ample. Since she was standing on her chair, he could also appreciate her narrow waist, her full hips and her plump pussy, peaking out from under the almost non-existent bikini bottom. Furry, pointed ears rose from her close-cropped head, brown on the outside, lined with pink, while white whiskers sprouted on either side of her little mouth.

Come on, Hattie. Give me hand!” The rabbit-eared woman, though clearly adult, had the stature of a ten-year-old. Alex licked his lips as she stood on tiptoe, apparently trying to pick one of the cylindrical fruits dangling from the tree. As she strained upward, her ass tightened deliciously and her top slipped up to expose her pointy nipples. “You know I can’t reach on my own!”

The hat woman looked up from her teacup. She had round cheeks, brassy blonde hair and a pale complexion. Her crimson-painted lips curved into a smirk.

And if I help you get your hands on a penis-fruit, missy, what do you plan to do with it?”

Penis-fruit? Alex took a more careful look at the chocolate-brown objects hanging like Christmas ornaments from the branches overhead. Sure enough, they did look like cocks, complete with a bulb at one end. He shook his head. Talk about imagination!

What do you think? I haven’t been fucked in forever!” The woman crouched a bit, then jumped up off the chair, grabbing futilely for the closest fruit. Her luscious breasts bounced with the effort.

Alex’s half-hard dick swelled to full size as he watched her comic struggles.

Well, you know I’m ready to eat you out anytime you want, Marsha.” Shaking her head, so that her ostrich feather trembled, Hattie drained her teacup. “All you have to do is ask. And reciprocate, of course.”

Marsha the Hare sank down in her chair, defeated. “It’s not the same,” she complained, her mouth pursed in a sexy pout. “I love pussy, you know that. But sometimes a girl just needs to be reamed.” She sighed melodramatically.

As far as Alex could tell, they hadn’t noticed him yet. He moved closer to the table, his substantial erection bouncing with each step. “Maybe I can help,” he said with a cheeky grin, stroking his palm along his firm shaft.

The rabbit-woman’s hands flew to her mouth. “Oh, my ears and whiskers! How delicious!”

The hat woman leaped to her feet. “Who are you? Where did you come from?” She yanked at the neckline of her dress, apparently releasing some hidden fastenings. The garment gaped open. She shrugged it off her shoulders, baring her enormous tits and red-furred snatch. “Never mind, I don’t care. Just get that beautiful black dick over here so I can feast on your meat!”

Just one darn minute!” Marsha crawled up onto the table, scattering china and silverware. “I saw him first!” She flopped over on her back, spread her lusciously rounded thighs and yanked the useless triangle of green fabric away from her sex. “Come and get me, baby. I’m ready!”

Don’t be so selfish, you slut. Anyway, he’s too big for your kiddie-sized snatch.”

Oh shut up, you old bag.” Marsha thrust three fingers deep into her cleft and brought them out dripping. “I can take anything he dishes out.”

Alex felt like he’d won the lottery. “Ladies, please! Don’t fight.” He flashed them what he hoped was a gracious smile. “There’s plenty of me to go around.”

There certainly is plenty of you,” Hattie agreed, sinking to her knees and swallowing him whole. “Mmm – urmph – slurp – urgh!”

Her wet suction kicked him into caveman mode. He drove his cock down her throat, making her gag. Her hat tumbled backward onto the grass. She grabbed his thighs, digging her orange-painted fingernails into his flesh, and pulled him even deeper, her throat muscles working around his tender bulb. It was unbelievable. At this rate, he wouldn’t last two minutes, yet he’d promised to satisfy them both.

Wait! Just a second! Hattie!” With difficulty, he extracted his dick from her clinging mouth. “Let’s get organized.” He glanced up at the table, where Marsha was forlornly humping her own hand. “You think the table will support all three of us?”

Four of us,” corrected the rabbit-girl. She rolled onto her side and poked the third attendee at the party, a plain-faced, dun-haired young woman who had been seated to her left. The unprepossessing creature seemed to be asleep. “Wake up, Mousy! It’s time for some fun.”


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