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A Hero's Heart cover

By Amber Daulton (Guest Author)

Hi, everyone. I’m excited to visit Lisabet’s blog. I’m the author of the smokin’ hot romantic suspense series, Arresting Onyx, and several standalone novellas. Today, I’m sharing one of my earlier works that I’ve recently revised and given a cover makeover. A Hero’s Heart is a hot romantic suspense novella featuring Jarrett and Marissa, a down-on-his-luck DEA agent and a sassy, widowed mom who happens to be his ex. Sparks fly when they finally reunite, but not everything is going to be roses and puppy-dog tails for this couple.

As an undercover DEA agent, Jarrett is no stranger to adventure and danger. In fact, he thrives on it. For the past year, he’s infiltrated the Consuelo crime family and rose fast through the ranks to become one of the head honcho’s most trusted drug smugglers. Then everything goes sideways. He hides out in a small town in Washington State—the last place anyone would look for him—and runs into his childhood sweetheart, Marissa Reinn. They didn’t break up on good terms, but he’s never stopped loving her.

Marissa has moved on since Jarrett left her, but now she’s a single mom with a precocious son who’s too much like his father—Jarrett’s twin brother. She doesn’t put up with Jarrett’s bull and tells him what’s what, but she’s also not afraid of taking chances on the things—and people—who matter.

What I love most about this couple is how well they complement each other. They’ve done a lot of growing up since they were teenagers, and now, as adults, it’s time for them to do finally put the past behind them and look forward to a future together—if the bad guys don’t ruin everything.

My favorite thing about writing is creating characters like these who both thrive and struggle in the worlds I make for them. I’m in control (when my characters don’t wrangle it away from me), so I can kill people off or marry them. Sometimes I hide pieces of myself—my personality, dreams, likes, and dislikes—in my characters, and few people will ever find those Easter eggs. Writing provides a sense of freedom and excitement that I can’t experience anywhere else. For example, I’ll never know what it’s like to reconnect with my high school sweetheart (I didn’t have a sweetheart), but Marissa will know in intimate detail how beautiful, and in her case, dangerous, such a reunion can be.

I hope you enjoy reading about A Hero’s Heart, and don’t forget to check out the sexy excerpt below. It’s only 99 cents from May 1-31, 2022, so grab this awesome deal while you can.


Lies. Betrayal. A blown undercover mission.

After ten years away, DEA agent Jarrett Brandt heads home to pay his respects to his deceased brother and hide out from the cartel kingpin who wants him dead. The last thing he needs is Marissa, his high school sweetheart, tempting him with her sassy smile and showing him the life he gave up. Add on his judgmental parents, and he’s ready to hit the road.

Widowed mom Marissa Reinn never had much luck with the Brandt boys. First Jarrett broke her heart, then she lost his brother—her husband—to a bullet. Vowing to uncover Jarrett’s secrets, she succumbs to the passion still burning between them instead.

When a team of assassins find him, Jarrett and Marissa will have to work together to survive and protect her son. How will they seize their second chance at love with their lives on the line?



He nibbled her earlobe until a sweet gasp escaped her mouth.

Jarrett, wait. Not outside my son’s room. C’mon.” She dragged him into her bedroom and pushed him against the door. “You’re wearing too many clothes.”

So are you.” He cupped her ass and dragged her up his body. Oh, hell. He’d never get enough of her. Those legs and her breasts—fuck. As she wrapped her long limbs around him, he seized her lips and pushed away from the door.

The bed,” she mumbled the words against his mouth.

He laid her down and topped her. “Lift your arms, baby.” He jerked off her sweater and groaned. The overhead light cast a golden glow across her smooth skin and curly hair. A sexy red-and-green striped bra cradled her breasts. He licked one of her taut nipples from atop the fabric and moaned from the scent of sugar cookies.

Marissa gasped and arched her back, pressing her breasts against his face.

You’re killing me.” He nuzzled her chest before sliding his hands to her back and freeing the bra clasp. Her breasts bounced free and grazed his chest. His cock throbbed so painfully against his zipper that he lurched forward and dry humped her.

Like what you see?” Her mouth hitched up in a smile.

Tease.” He glided his tongue across her other nipple.

Yes, more.”

He stroked the curve of her soft bottom lip. She swiped her pretty pink tongue over his fingertip, trying to draw it into her warm mouth, but he pulled back and jerked off his shirt. After he stripped off his jeans and underwear, she pushed him down on the mattress and swirled her amazing tongue across his chest. Ah, fuck. His muscles bunched as she trailed her decadent kisses down his abs and upper right thigh, circumventing his needy, straining cock.

Marissa, kiss him.”

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About the Author

Amber Daulton is the author of the romantic-suspense series Arresting Onyx and several standalone novellas. Her books are published through Daulton Publishing, The Wild Rose Press, and Books to Go Now, and are available in ebook, print on demand, audio, and foreign language formats.

She lives in North Carolina with her husband and demanding cats.

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Welcome back to Beyond Romance. This sounds great, very emotionally intense.

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Thank you for the wonderful feature!

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