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Sassy ladies and billionaire bad boys – #EnemiesToLovers #BillionaireRomance #Interview @robeccaaustin

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I recently made the acquaintance of romance author Robecca Austin. I invited her drop by Beyond Romance and talk about what makes her (and her books) tick.

Why does romance make your heart pump?

First, it’s the love story. The emotional journey of two characters falling in love. I want to cry when they cry, experience their pain, and be right there when they find their happy place. Sometimes, I want them to rip my heart out and put it back together.

Second is the plot. The thing that brings the characters together and sets them on their journey. The revenge trope is a great example, and why I enjoy reading billionaire and mafia romance. There are heart-pumping moments of drama, high stakes ultimatums, danger, and so much more that keep me glued to the pages.

Finally, there is that satisfying ending! What’s not to love about seeing two people get their happy ever after? That happy ever after ending is my promise to readers in each of my stories. The promise of love with your dream person, the chance to escape a mundane life for a few hours and let our imaginations free.

I love adding these elements to my stories. I love finding them in the books I read.

What do you write?

At this moment, I write both historical regency romance and contemporary billionaire romance. My billionaire romance is what we’ll be chatting about today.

What attracted you to billionaire romance?

Seeing these tough, dark, and handsome anti-heroes succumb to love is thrilling. We see their naughty side, but also the parts they keep hidden—kindness, loyalty, respect, and yes, their ability to love wholeheartedly and unconditionally. Once the lead gains the respect of their bad boys, the bonds of their relationship are almost unbreakable. Until something dramatic threatens to pull them apart. Heart pumping!

What is attractive about the anti-hero in billionaire romance?

There is something about an intriguing bad boy. From what makes them tick, to what caused their pain, and heartache. Let’s face it, we know the lead that breaks their outer shell is worthy to be in their circle.

Dark and dangerous are alluring. Mysterious.

Let’s not forget the attitude and snappy, sexy, or humorous banter that heightens the chemistry between the love interests. Oh, and the sex! Let’s not forget all that hot, steamy goodness under…or above the tangled sheets!

But none of this happens without a strong love interest. Someone willing to be fearless, warm, and courageous. A lead that embodies love through actions, one we can cheer for as we experience their love journey. The yin to the leads yang.


Family comes first.

The sentiment has been drilled into Latricia’s mind since birth.
When she’s forced to choose between self-respect or her family, what would she sacrifice?

The first time she saw Heath McCreath, he was out for blood. Her brother’s blood.

At their second meeting, he vowed to make her pay for her brother’s crimes.

As if his promise to destroy everything she loved isn’t bad enough, the threats come from the sexiest mouth she’s ever seen.

He’s her blackmailer and she shouldn’t feel anything for him, so why does her body betray her?

Now she has to decide, him or her?


This is my room,” he said, not opening the door.

She stared at the closed door, his shoulders bracing the frame. This was his territory. She became instantly aware that this wasn’t a tour, but an affirmation of boundaries.

At the end of the hall is your room.”

They walked down the short hall, but as he did before, Heath didn’t open the door to her room. Instead, he turned back towards the stairs, expecting her to follow. She supposed his lack of welcome was a good thing because she didn’t want to imagine him where she slept.

Are you hungry?” he asked without missing a tread. “I’ll show you where the menus are. You can order from anywhere you’d like. They’ll bill me directly.”

Her stomach rumbled at the mention of food. Her last meal should have been a turkey sandwich. Come to think of it, he had interrupted her lunch.

At the bottom of the stairs, he eased out of his jacket, folding it over the rail. She couldn’t help noticing the tight stretch of his shirt across his broad back. A lightning bolt of awareness made her knees weak. Latricia tore her eyes away. He was not hers to ogle. She had to find Chris, and pray her brother hadn’t spent this man’s money, or she’d find herself in far more trouble than simply locked in this house.

Opposite the entryway was a kitchen large enough to host a small ball. She ran her fingers along the island, knowing her grandmother would appreciate the spectacular layout. While she wasn’t a great cook, that didn’t stop her from envisioning using the stove.

She stopped an inch away from bumping into his back when he halted.

Seems my ever-efficient PA has food warming in the oven.”

Latricia scowled as he waved the note he retrieved from the counter over his shoulders. The food smelled too good, and she was too hungry to wait for him to move. Walking around him, she opened the oven as he braced his hip at the edge of the counter. He was right. Several trays were warming. She used the towel folded on the stovetop to place the food on the island before turning off the oven. Chinese rice, noodles, shrimp, and vegetables. Although Heath grumbled at the mention of his PA, the invisible but efficient assistant had provided them a feast.

Where are your plates?” She opened one of several cupboards, then stopped as she was about to open the next, feeling self-conscious at rifling through another person’s home.

He looked up from the note he was reading. Pushing away from the counter, he reached around her, stilling her indrawn breath as his chest brushed her back. She was aware of every inch of his six-foot frame, the warmth rolling off his body, invading hers. But he was oblivious to her locked muscles as he pulled open the cupboard above her head, retrieving two plates. It wasn’t until he stepped back, heard the clink of the plates hitting the counter that she relaxed a fraction. But the damage was done. Her earlier tension, the lightning shooting hot bolts to her core, rolling her stomach into knots, was nothing like feeling him pressed against her. This new heat was smoldering. She had no idea how to extinguish the fire he had set.

The fine hairs at her nape tingled, and she rubbed her neck to alleviate the growing tension. This was madness. He wasn’t courting her. This man was her warden.

Are you okay, Miss Slone?”

His use of her surname was the cooling balm she needed to cool the intimacy heating her skin. “Since I’m forced to be your roommate, you should call me by my first name.”

Let’s be clear,” he said, eyeing her with renewed attention. “We are not roommates.”

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Robecca Austin is the author of happy ever after romance stories. She enjoys crafting tales of sassy heroines and alpha heroes that have a soft center.

She writes historical romance and billionaire romance stories.

You can find her outside enjoying nature and lots of sunshine when there are no bugs. When she's not writing her next novel, she's busy battling Cystic Fibrosis and hugging family. She lives and works in Canada.

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Robecca Austin said...

Hi đŸ‘‹ Beyond Romance readers, I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on writing these sexy men! If you love reading stories or writing about these men too I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you so much for hosting me, Lisabet!


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Robecca! Welcome to Beyond Romance. Sorry I wasn't here to say hi on Tuesday, but I've been away without Internet until today.

Hope you pick up a few new readers from my blog!

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