Sunday, April 7, 2019

Flasher Sunday: Faded Red Flannel - #Flasher #BrokenHeart #Chemistry

liquor and cigarettes

Faded Plaid Flannel

He’d left it behind when he moved out. Guess the old bathrobe became too ratty even for his casual tastes. She can’t look at it without seeing his wiry frame wrapped in the faded plaid flannel, crouched over his poetry at the kitchen table. Vodka on one side, smoldering cigarette on the other, close enough to touch, a million miles away.

She holds it to her face, breathing him in, sweat and tobacco, and underneath, that elusive musk that first hooked her. Addictive, intoxicatingin an instant she’s drunk with the astounding lust that first drew them together. Eyes closed, she relives their ecstatic frenzy, the clarity of pure connection. In bed they were one body, obscene and holy. She never cared what they did; every carnal act felt like a sacrament. The loss of him, of that glory, is a vast, black, aching wound in her chest.

He’d felt it, too. Inhaling her female perfume, he lost himself, drowned in her lushness. Scary. One reason along with his wanderlust—that he’s gone.

Chemistry’s not the same as compatibility.

She stuffs the rag between her thighs. Eventually the flannel will smell only of her.


Tim Smith said...

Lisabet, this is great. Very atmospheric and almost noir-ish. The picture alone reminds me of old B-movies and blues-in-the-night torch songs.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks so much, Tim!

This is based on a personal experience - a mixed up, rather desperate love affair with a lot of chemistry and an equal measure of angst.

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