Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Snog #204: Necessary Madness (M/M)

Happy Sunday! My snog (or actually snogs, as there are several kisses in this excerpt) comes from my M/M paranormal erotic romance Necessary Madness. While it’s not exactly a holiday story, it does end with a wedding on a snowy Christmas Eve. And today, I’m sharing the proposal scene!

After savoring my snog, head back to Victoria’s, where you’ll find lots more delicious kissesmany, I expect, with a holiday flavor!

Kyle lay motionless in Rob’s arms for many minutes. Rob wondered if he should be alarmed. He scanned Kyle’s emotional state. No, there was no problem. Kyle was floating in an ocean of satisfied bliss. Let him rest. There was no hurry.

Finally, the young man raised his head and smiled into Rob’s eyes. “Wow! That was—well, indescribable. Indescribably good.”

Rob took possession of Kyle’s ever-tempting lips. A few drops of Rob’s cum adorned Kyle’s cheek. Rob licked them off, then plunged in for an even more intense kiss.

Did I do all right?” Kyle asked when Rob finally let him speak. “Did you—was it good for you?”

Do you really need to ask that, baby?” Rob rubbed the traces of his cum into Kyle’s chest. His cock stiffened.

Kyle put on a mischievous grin. “No, I guess not.” He reached between them to grasp Rob’s swelling dick. “I can see that just thinking about it turns you on.” He nibbled at Rob’s mouth while stroking him to full hardness. “Now do you think you might be able to return the favour? I’m all greased and ready…”

Wait a minute! Let me recover.” Rob sat up and leant against the headboard.

You look recovered to me…” Kyle cradled the fat erection poking up from Rob’s groin.

Seriously. I need to talk to you.” Rob patted the pillow. Kyle reluctantly released Rob’s cock and settled beside him. Rob couldn’t resist pulling him into another kiss.

I like the way you ‘talk’.” Kyle chuckled when Rob finally let him go.

Sorry. You’re just too tempting.” Kyle raised one eyebrow in mock surprise. “And you know it, damn it!”

Kyle sat up straight and folded his hands in his lap, covering his half-hard dick. “My apologies,” he said, suppressing a giggle. “What did you want to talk about?”

Rob swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. “Kyle, we’re in Massachusetts…” Kyle looked puzzled by this obvious statement. Rob forced himself to continue. “That means… Well, what I want to say is…I want to marry you.”

Marry me? Are you kidding?” There was scorn in Kyle’s voice, but Rob thought he caught a glimmer of excitement underneath the scepticism. “We’ve only known each other two weeks!”

After what we’ve been through together—it feels like forever. Doesn’t it?”

Kyle gave a slow nod. “Yes, but that’s only one problem. You’re thirteen years older than me, Rob. Almost old enough to be my father.”

That doesn’t matter to me. As we get older, the difference will seem less and less. Anyway, guys marry much younger women all the time.”

And what about your job? I got the impression that the force had a kind of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy.”

Fuck the force. If they can’t accept me as I am, I’ll go elsewhere. The thing that matters most to me is being with you.”

And your kids? Your ex?”

They’ll adapt. Gina threw me out because I was sleeping around. I think she’ll understand when she meets you…”

Yeah? Are you sure? A twenty-year old from the streets, without even a high school diploma? With a history of psychiatric problems?”

That’s over now. You’re in control. You can get your GED. Get a job or go to college. You’ve got a future now, Kyle. A future that I hope will be with me.” Rob searched Kyle’s face, suddenly anxious. “Why do you keep coming up with all these excuses? You don’t want marry me?”

Kyle’s face turned grim. “Rob, all I want is to be with you. For the rest of my life. But I don’t want to see you making a decision that you’ll regret later. I couldn’t stand to see you unhappy, especially because of me. I’d rather continue on alone.”

I won’t regret it. I’m sure about this, one hundred percent.” Rob gathered Kyle into his arms and peppered his face with kisses. “You’re what makes me happy. As long as we’re together, I can handle whatever the world throws at us.” He pulled back, holding the boy at arm’s length. “Tell me. Will you marry me? Yes or no?”

Fear. Disbelief. Relief. Joy. Kyle stroked Rob’s cheek. “If you’re certain, then yes. Of course I’ll marry you.”

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