Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bloody Good Erotica

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate! Even if you don’t, I hope you’ll take a minute to remember and acknowledge all your blessings, and to hug your loved ones.

My Thanks-Giving Back post today features Coming Together In Vein, a multi-author collection of vampire erotica that I edited. The book benefits one of my favorite causes, Médecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). MSF works to provide medical services to the world’s most desperate, often in areas torn apart by war or devastated by natural disasters. They provide care for all, regardless of race, religion or political affiliationand they’ve suffered for that humanitarian position.

When I compare my own life with those of the people MSF serves, I’m humbled and grateful. This anthology, which includes fabulous stories by M. Christian, Cheyenne Blue, Giselle Renarde, Xan West, Nobilis Reed, and many more of my favorite authors, is worth buying for its own sake. In addition, every cent of the purchase price goes to support MSF’s courageous and compassionate work.

I’ve included a sample from my story in the book, “Vampires, Limited”. Leave me a comment with your email, and I’ll choose one person to receive a copy of my paranormal collection Fourth World, which includes two vampire tales.

Try the next picture.” The man’s body was tense, as though he was working hard to hold something back. Slowly, tearing herself away from the soulful gaze in the photo, she turned it over.

The photograph that followed ripped her apart. Although vampiric in theme, it was nothing like the camp pictures that her publication featured. The same red-haired woman lay nude on a satin-draped bier, graceful and pale. Her wrists crossed on her abdomen, just below the modest swell of her perfect breasts. Her face was turned toward the camera, her eyes closed, her lips parted. A trail of crimson fluid trickled from her neck, across the white satin and onto the stone floor.

Behind the bier stood the vampire. His right hand held a white candle that fitfully illuminated the arches of the vault. His left cupped his victim’s breast, thumb resting lightly on her prominent nipple.

His blond hair was pushed back from his brow, damp with sweat. His skin was flushed with the blood that he had swallowed, the blood that still smeared his lips. Looking into those eyes, eyes dark as hell, Lara felt it all: his grief, his guilt and his awful, all-consuming lust.

Who was she, the ethereal, terribly convincing victim? And who, who was he?

She didn’t see him move. Yet all at once he was behind her, his hands on her shoulders, murmuring in her ear. “Barbara was her name. She was my girlfriend, back in college. A terrible mistake.”

He was so close, she should have felt the heat of his body, but it was as if a mannequin was pressed against her, instead of a living person. She could smell him, though, a sharp grassy scent that made her think of the country and wide open spaces.

Casually he trailed a finger up the side of her neck and circled her earlobe. A shiver raced through her, winding tight around her nipples, spiraling down to her sex. He nipped at her ear, playful, but hard enough to make her gasp. “As for me, you know who I am, don’t you? Or at least, what I am.”

Lara knew what he was saying. She just couldn’t accept it.

Here.” Still behind her, he grabbed her hand and placed her fingers on his throat. His skin was cooler than the air, cool and smooth as marble. “Do you feel any pulse?”

No—but—it’s just not possible. It’s just a myth. A fashion, a fad. Everyone these days pretends...”

He brought her wrist to his lips, flicking his tongue over the spot where the veins were closest to the surface. His mouth was hot, unlike the rest of him. A violent shudder of desire rocked her body. “Close your eyes,” he murmured.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanks so much--happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving. Very intense excerpt, I do not think he is pretending!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Another wonderful post. These are wonderful] debby236 at gmail dot com

Sacchi Green said...

Coming Together in Vein is a great book, as much fun to write for as to read.

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Thank you for the wonderful excerpt. Another title added to my to be read pile.

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I love reading vampire books so this should be fun.

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