Sunday, November 1, 2015

Post-Halloween Snog (#198): Rendezvous

It’s the Sunday after Halloweentime to do candy inventory and reflect on the night’s adventures!

My snog excerpt today comes from my BDSM Halloween short, Rendezvous. You could win a free copy of this book. Just comment on my post fromlast Friday.

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Tony handed me a helmet. “Here. I don’t think I’ll need this.”

Are you sure you’ll be able to leave the motel? Aren’t ghosts supposed to be tied to the place they’re haunting, the site of their trauma?”

Who knows? It doesn’t hurt to try.”

And what if, when we get to the party, no one can see you but me?”

He looked over his shoulder, grinning like the devil he was. “Well, that would be fun, wouldn’t it? I could ravish you in full view of the other guests, and nobody would have any idea what was going on.”

He revved the bike, almost deafening me. “Hang on, Rebecca,” he cried.

I barely had time to link my arms around his waist before he swooped out of the lot and onto the service road, headed for the highway.

There was no barrier. Nothing stopped our race toward the city. Tony did not disappear or evaporate as I had feared he might. He remained as deliciously substantial as ever. I pressed my chest against his jacket, enjoying the twinges of residual pain when the leather rubbed against my stripes.

The wind whipped the ends of my hair into snarled tangles and brought tears to my eyes. The moon wavered above us, its light fragmented in my uncertain vision. Everything was a blur. We drove faster than seemed physically possible. Other vehicles were no more than streaks of brightness left in our wake. Dizziness swept over me. The moon spun overhead.

The engine roared, its vibrations resonating through my body. I could feel its power, in my thighs, in my sex, a constant thrumming that had my cunt weeping all over Tony’s fancy padded seat. The seat stretched me, held me open. I gripped Tony’s body more tightly, riding on the edge of orgasm, while his black steed carried us into the night.

I was in some kind of trance state, sight and hearing muddled but touch made unbearably acute. The monster cycle bucked between my legs as its driver raced onward into darkness. He’s fucking me, I thought, fucking me with his bike as he takes me down to hell with him, to stay with him forever.

As if he heard my thoughts, Tony turned back to look at me, laughing aloud. His dark eyes sparked with unnatural joy. His sharp teeth flashed. The pitch of the engine rose to a whine. Our impossible speed increased. The wind ripped at my clothes. Ice crystals stung my cheeks. The world collapsed into a star-spattered velvet blackness whirling past, and the incandescent blossoming of a climax deep inside me.

The dream blew away like tattered wisps of fog. We were parked on a quiet suburban street across from Christie’s bungalow. I tried to get off the bike, but my legs were jelly. If Tony hadn’t grabbed me, I would have crumpled onto the sidewalk.

How...? Why...?”

Shh.” Tony stopped my questions with a lingering kiss. “It seems that I can read your mind, a little. Enough to pick up your friend’s address, at least.”

He ran his fingers through my hair, gently working out the tangles, and straightened my dress, smoothing the satin over my breasts. He didn’t neglect the opportunity to tweak my nipples. Suddenly I was warm all over. My stripes burned anew; I almost expected to see them glowing.

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