Sunday, November 29, 2015

Brand New Kiss from Raw Silk (#202)

Happy Sunday!

My snog today is from the newly edited and expanded Raw Silk. It’s due out in February, but I thought I’d give you a brand new snippet today. I’ve added more than 5K to the book, a whole new chapter. (Including several delicious kisses!)

After you’re done with my snog, head over to Victoria’s place for more oral antics.



Gregory’s voice turned her name into a caress. He rested his big hands upon her shoulders, pulled her body against his and nuzzled the spot below her ear. She sank back, melting in the fevered heat that radiated from his naked flesh. She couldn’t help herself.

Having second thoughts, little one?” He flicked her earlobe with his tongue and sent electric currents streaking down to her sex. Although the gesture seemed playful, his tone was serious, without his characteristic mockery.

Kate turned her back to the dawn, seeking his eyes. “To be honest, yes.” The ache under her sternum made it hard to speak. “Last night, everything seemed so clear. This morning…”

This morning you have doubts.” He combed his fingers through her curls, massaging her scalp. “Ah, Kate! When I woke to find myself alone in our bed, I knew you’d been thinking too much.”

His fingertips traced the line of her cheek. Then he cupped her chin and bent to kiss her.

Her fears evaporated like morning mist off the river.

His mouth felt as hot as the rest of him. It molded to hers, firm but not demanding, with none of his typical bravado. Rather than forcing her, as was his habit, he waited for her to part her lips before he slipped his tongue inside. She opened wider, inviting him to ravage her. He held back—or perhaps that was just her imagination—consuming her thoroughly, but with new gentleness. Puzzled but appreciative, she returned the kiss with equal intensity.

Heat rippled through her. Wetness pooled in her sex. He gathered her to his chest, almost crushing her as he poured his passion into the kiss. Her senses sparked alive. His sleep-concentrated musk teased her nostrils. She caught hints of her own scent too, where her juices had dried on his fingers. His stubbled cheeks grazed her chin, a delicious counterpoint to the slick smoothness of his lips. She still tasted the wine from last night on both their tongues, mingled with salt from her tears. Trapped against his muscular torso, her taut nipples throbbed. His cock swelled huge and hard between them, painting her belly with pre-cum, while her clit pulsed and tingled, equally swollen.

A gull swooped over the balcony in a whoosh of air. Kate surrendered completely, losing herself in the kiss. Like the bird, she reeled and soared, leaving the cares of earth behind.

She and Gregory were both gasping when he finally released her. Unsteady on her feet, she grabbed his arm for support.

Wow. I thought that was just hyperbole.”

Her Master cupped her left breast then brushed his thumb over her nipple tip, making her squirm. “What do you mean?”

Swooning from a kiss, silly.” Standing on tiptoe, Kate pressed her lips to his once more. “Thank you.”

Are you calling your Master silly, slave?” He captured the nipple between his fingers and twisted, hard.

Ow! No, no, I’m sorry—Sir. It’s just that—well, I’ve never been kissed like that before.”

We’ll have many new experiences, Kate. Today is the start of your new life.”

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