Saturday, June 6, 2015

June Newsletter: New Releases, Free Reading and a Contest!

Scarborough View
Scarborough Castle and North Beach

Welcome to my June Newsletter! I'm getting it out early this month, partly because I have so much to share.

New and Upcoming Releases
I think that May was a record for me. Four releases in one month! I'm not sure where to start in telling you about them.

Her Own Devices is now available from LadyLit Publishing. This volume collects nine of my favorite F/F and lesbian short stories, including several not previously published. I'm not sure whether to call these tales erotica or erotic romance. Most have happy endings, and all focus as much on the emotional connections between the characters as the physical ones.
Fourth World Cover  
Fourth World, my new paranormal collection from Excessica is a different sort of beast altogether (and I use the word "beast" deliberately). This collection serves up seven morsels of dark, intense erotica&emdash;stories of monsters, myths and magic. The book includes two brand new stories, Naked in Varanasi and Renfield's Lament. The former is an unusual take on the succubus theme. The latter is told from the perspective of the vampires' loyal minion.
Last Amanuensis Cover
Fireborn Publishing has released my scifi romance short story The Last Amanuensis, a poetic and moving meditation on love and freedom. It's only 99 cents. Why not pick up a copy? And speaking of Fireborn, I don't think I mentioned that they've released Nasty Business in print.

Last, but hardly least, the altruistic anthology Coming Together: Outside the Box has hit the virtual shelves. Edited by the creative and outrageous Nobilis Reed, this collection includes my M/M cross-dressing story "To Boldly Go". You can read an excerpt of this light-hearted and sexy tale here.

Free Reading and Other News

In the free reading section of my website, I've just added a link to "Muse", an intense BDSM erotic romance story. Definitely an HEA (as long as you don't mind the kink!). This story, which was originally published in D.L. King's anthology Slave Girls, features a heroine who's an erotic romance author, and an most unlikely dominant. Check it out!

Speaking of free reading, I'll repeat my offer from my last newsletter. You can win a free book, just for giving me a bit of feedback. Next time you're looking for a bit of love or lust, visit my free reads page and read something there. You're sure to find something that appeals to you; there are more than fifty entries. Send me an email (lisabet [at] lisabetsarai [dot] com) to tell me what you read, and what you thought about it. In return I will send you a free novel or novella from from my back list. (Contact me for details.)

My trip to the UK was fantastic. I had an amazing time at Smut by the Sea, meeting authors and fans. I read an excerpt from Rajasthani Moon in the "smut slam" and just barely escaped a paddling from going over my five minutes of allocated time. I participated in workshops about writing historical stories, imagining werewolves, and letting your characters talk dirty. After the event proper, my DH and I got the chance to hang out in the classic Black Lion pub with Victoria and Kev Blisse, the founders of Smut UK and organizer of the event. (By the way, if you're in the UK, you should check out that link. There are several more exciting smut events coming up in the next few months!).

And Scarborough was lovely, though a bit faded from its former glory. Given my affinity for all things Victorian, I could easily imagine ladies in long gowns and smartly-dressed gentlemen taking tea in the grand hotels, strolling through the gardens or waiting for tramway to take them down to the shore.

We stayed in a cozy guesthouse with an incredible view of the ocean, just a few minutes walk from where the ruins of the eight-hundred-year-old Scarborough Castle perch on the headlands above the town. The photo above was taken from just in front of our hotel. Amazing!

Lisabet's Pick of the Month

My June pick of the month is Valse Gothique, the blog of erotic romance author Aurelia T. Evans. I am a huge and unapologetic fan of Aurelia's work. After reading about it, I can't wait to dive in to her most recent series, about a demonic circus called "Arcanium".

You could win a $5 bookstore gift certificate. How? Read my new free story "Muse", then leave me a comment telling me what you thought of it.  I'll randomly draw a winner from among those who comment.


Sharon Baker. said...

Muse is a very erotic book. Very well written. Parts make you tinglke all over. Can't wait to read the whole book.

bn100 said...

fun dialogue

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Colleen C. said...

You pack a lot into such a short story... well written... enjoyed reading Muse!

orelukjp0 said...

I loved Muse. It reminds me of the boy next door story but with twist. She doesn't really see him until he walks into the bookstore. I like that a man is the catalyst that helps Lisa breakthrough to the next level in her writing. It puts a unique slant to the story.

orelukjp0 said...
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joye said...

What an enticing story. The characters were believable and the story line interesting. Good job!

Jana Leah B said...

Love the lines "She hated every instant. She didn't want him to stop." Thanks.

H.B. said...

Well I liked how he confidently pursues her and she gives in.

humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

Mary Preston said...

Left me breathless!!


Unknown said...

Wow! Yes ma'am. That was hot!

Debby said...

I did read Muse and found it intriguing.

debby236 at gmail dot com

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