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Lisabet's August News

Challenge To Him cover

New and Upcoming Releases

Yes, it's still August, though just barely. I know many of your are celebrating the Labor Day holiday this weekend, so I'll just run quickly through my latest news.

First of all, my historical BDSM story Challenge To Him is available now as a single title from Total-E-Bound. Furthermore, if you buy it within the next few weeks, you can get a 10% discount. Why wait? TEB can send the book directly to your Kindle or Nook, just like the big guys.

Not sure if this is the book for you? You can read a sizzling excerpt here.

Meanwhile, the Tied to the Billionaire anthology where the story first appeared is a huge hit. If you can't get enough of sexy dominants with money, power and charisma, this is the book for you. Congratulations to Beth, who won first prize (a $50 GC) in our "Meet the Billionaires" blog tour, and Natasha, the runner up, who bagged a six-pack of our books. If you didn't get the chance to read my interview with my billionaire hero Andrew MacIntyre, you can read it here.

Since my last newsletter, Coming Together: Girll on Girl, which includes my story Sundae, Bloody Sundae, has hit the virtual shelves. This charity anthology (available here as well as on Amazon and Barnes and Noble) benefits the National Center for Lesbian Rights. If you believe that people should have the right to love whomever they choose regardless of gender - if you enjoy steamy and romantic lesbian fiction - get yourself a copy of this great book!

Total-E-Bound has accepted my paranormal BDSM novella Rough Weather. Unfortunately the book won't be out until next January, but you can read a snippet here in the meantime.

And the brilliant D.L. King is including my M/F BDSM tale Muse in her upcoming anthology Slave Girls, due out sometime in 2014. I've posted an excerpt from that story, too.

Other News

My free story this month, Trespass has the distinction of being the most-often-rejected story I've ever written. I submitted it to four different editors before it was finally accepted (for the Coming Together: By Hand anthology). I think the rejections were due to the fact that the story is rather dark. However, it is also intensely romantic. How could it not be, based as it is on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet? In this story, I also consider the way obscenity is culturally defined. What if showing a naked hand was more taboo than displaying bare breasts or buttocks?

I've also posted a brand-new poem called The Line. I haven't written poetry in years, but Ashley Lister's monthly writing challenge over at the ERWA blog has inspired me.

Tomorrow, or thereabouts, Victoria Blisse is due to announce the winners of her amazing Smut Al Fresco event. You still have twenty four hours or so to comment, and maybe win a Kindle, plus 50 British pounds worth of TEB credits! If you haven't done so already, check out my post, "The Allure of Extramural Lust"

Speaking of prizes, I've decided that I need to reward those of you who are on my private mailing list.
Starting this month, I will do at least one giveaway per month that is exclusive to individuals who have given me permission to send them emails. Watch your inbox. I'll announce the contest and you'll have forty eight hours to respond. Free books, gift certicates, swag - who knows what prizes I'll come up with!

If you're not on my email list but would like to be, just send an email to contest [at] lisabetsarai [dot] com with the subject line "Add Me", from the email you want added. I'll do the first giveaway next week!


Congratulations to Joy, who won my "Series" contest. I got quite a few interesting answers to my questions. The majority of individuals who responded told me they prefer series where each book focuses on a different set of characters, but where characters from the previous book also appear. A vivid world that feels real, and a lot of emotional twists and turns were also cited as key features. Anyway, thanks to all of you. You've given me a lot to think about.

For my August contest, I want to know what you think about the current BDSM craze. I've been writing BDSM for more than a decade - why is it suddenly so popular? Do you personally enjoy BDSM stories? Why or why not? Send your answers in an email to contest [at] lisabetsarai [dot] com, with the subject line "BDSM". The prize is a two-pack of print books from my backlist - BDSM or not, depending on your preference!

Lisabet's Pick of the Month

My pick of the month for August is The Erotica Bibliophile (, an ongoing research project on vintage erotica and erotic art published between the 18th and early 20th centuries. Great images, fascinating information, with a very classy presentation. Highly recommended!

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