Monday, August 19, 2013

Hallelujah for my Husband!

In western culture, people rarely marry for practical reasons. I chose to wed my husband (who proposed to me only a week after we started living together) because I enjoyed his company so much - and because he wanted me to travel with him. (If you've been reading my blogs for a while, you've probably heard the story about our first date at the Burmese restaurant...) I wasn't thinking at all about whether he'd be useful, or even responsible. I just liked being with him, in and out of bed.

Turns out that I was very lucky. Not only is he smart, funny, considerate, hardworking, careful with money and loving to animals, he's a very practical housemate. He knows how to fix plumbing and wiring. He taught me how to mix concrete and spackle wallboard. And possibly the most useful skill he can offer these days (now that we've sold our house and are living in blissful dependence upon our landlord for maintenance) is his skill with computers.

I'm fortunate enough to have a 24/7 system administrator. I need it, too - we both work with computers for a living, but I have neither the patience nor the knowledge required to plan and implement a backup regime, or to setup a firewall, or to install a new operating system...

The fact that I'm here now, communicating with you, all due to him. Last week, my computer's motherboard had a meltdown. Well, not a physical meltdown, but it decided that it wanted to reboot every three or four minutes. Finally it gave up the ghost completely.

I was paralyzed. No access to my address list, or my blogs, or my WIP! And DH understood my panic. He took time off work to go buy me a new motherboard. He spent hours bent over the computer chassis, installing and testing it. He put my needs ahead of his own projects.

He got me up and running again in only three days. (Even though it felt like weeks!) What a relief!

What a saint!

Okay, so he's not a saint. He leaves the toilet seat up just like every other guy. But I'm amazed and humbled by my good fortune. I got not only a great guy - but a husband who's REALLY USEFUL!

I love you, honey. And not just because you keep my machine running.

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Loved it, you've got a good one there!

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