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Oh, That’s Just the Science Geek Talking

By Nina Pierce (Guest Blogger)

I LOVE science. Not the Bill-Nye’s-on-David-Letterman-again kind of interest … nope, mine’s the full blown majored-in-college-got-straight-A’s kind of love!

English? Barely understood the grammar rules and significance of symbolism. (Yeah, given my current profession, I do see the irony of that one). Economics? A language I never did master. History? Napoleon was the guy who watered something—right? Nope, I survived, but didn’t enjoy any of those subjects. But give me three Phyla of invertebrates and I’ll blissfully compare and contrast their characteristics for hours. Offer me an organism to dissect (including a cadaver…how cool!) just to see how they’re put together and I’ll happily wield that scalpel with wonder and awe. Show me an organic chemistry formula and I’ll name that compound and break down its elements before you can yell “STOP! It’s hurting my brain!”

My passion for all things science has carried over to the entertainment realm as well. I fell in love with Star Trek when the original series was airing new episodes on television. (Ooops, I think my age is showing.) I played computer games like Myst and Riven and board games like Dungeons and Dragons because they carried me into new worlds. I’ve read my way through Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series and Anne McCaffrey’s Freedom series, completely enthralled by the scope of the writer’s imaginations and the places they created for me.

Now that I’ve admitted to my inner science geek, it probably makes a little more sense that my most recent release, A Touch of Lilly, is a sexy romantic suspense story set in deep space. I loved the freedom of creating a whole new solar system with its own set of physical rules, complete with aliens and futuristic weapons. But don’t misunderstand, the love story—with all its angst, conflicts and hot loving between two, very sexy males and one kick-@$$ female—is something I hope every romance reader can relate to.…even if you’re not a science geek to the core like me.

Which begs the question, do you read in a particular genre or will the story description and type of character intrigue you enough to give different genres a try?


Ex-Chicago detective LILLY D’ANGELO has a secret she doesn’t share with anyone. A master of the one night stand, she’s given up ever finding a soul mate and thrown herself head first into her career. That is, until she captures the wrong alien. Kidnapped and sold into the sex slave trade, she’s shipped into deep space. Barely escaping with her life, Lilly now travels the galaxy working as a bounty hunter using her secret talents to bring down criminals and seeking revenge on the one male who ruined her life.

Agent DALLAS SAWYER works for deep space’s version of the FBI. After a disastrous mission that left several of his team members murdered, a president executed, and Dallas near death, he’s determined to take down the assassin targeting government officials. When a sexy human female gets between him and his goal, Dallas and his alien partner find themselves on the receiving end of a passionate night they won’t soon forget and a proposition that may very well blow up in their faces. 


Because in deep space … true love can happen with just a touch.


Lilly D’Angelo wasn’t expecting a trip down memory lane when she sauntered into the dingy tavern, but the acrid stench and gruff hum of the Friday night crowd carried her back to one of the seedier establishments on Chicago’s south side nonetheless. Except for the clientele, the owner had managed to replicate nearly every detail right down to the blue haze of cigarette smoke and the soft crooning of a jazz band on the corner stage.

Pushing the sour thoughts of home from her mind and focusing on the job at hand, Lilly morphed her features into her sexiest vixen pout and moved gracefully toward the long bar on the other side of the room. Her voluptuous breasts, spilling temptingly from her silk blouse, led the way. The eyes watching her leather-clad ass sashay around the battered tables were clustered on various life forms—none of them human.

Yeah, definitely not Chicago. Hell, this wasn’t even Earth for goodness sake.

Regent’s ale, straight up, hold the brenic.” Lilly ordered the local brew in English, hoping the two-headed alien behind the bar had a cochlear translator in one of those eight holes that passed for ears. Satisfied when one head nodded, she settled on a stool, making sure her fur jacket and blouse parted just enough to offer a seductive view of her cleavage. She shifted, allowing the black leather skirt to ride up her thigh and expose a little more silky real estate. The reflection she saw in the mirror behind the liquor bottles was every inch a working woman on the prowl. She wasn’t trying to attract anyone in particular, just hoping to mislead the locals into thinking she was some female making a living with her body—which was true—just not as the human streetwalker she impersonated.

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About Nina

USA Today Bestselling author, Nina Pierce, grew up in a house full of readers. Nina's discovered the passionate side of romance with her sexy stories. For her, it's all about the sweet scent of seduction mixed with the heartwarming aroma of romance.

Nina resides in New England with her high school sweetheart and soul mate of twenty-eight years and several very spoiled cats who consider her "staff". When she’s not writing she enjoys spending time with her three grown children, one love-sick son-in-law and a heart-melting grandson.

You can keep up with her new books at her website ( or by following her on Facebook ( or Twitter (

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Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you for hosting

Nina Pierce said...

*looks around with a big smile* It's been a long time since I've visited, Lisabet! So happy to be here during my blog tour. Thanks so much for hosting me.

Andra Lyn said...

A fellow science nerd! Great to know! :)

andralynn7 AT gmail DOT com

Nina Pierce said...

LOL! I LOVE talking science stuff, Andra! Makes me smile every time!

Rita Wray said...

The story sounds riveting.


Nina Pierce said...

I loved writing about these three, Rita. I hope you check it out.

Unknown said...

great interview Nina !!!!!!!! have a great day

Nina Pierce said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Denise. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your day as well!

Unknown said...

I envy you, science and math were my worst

bn100 said...

read different genres

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Nina Pierce said...

Kaye - It's just how I'm wired. Now English? Not so much. LOL!

Nina Pierce said...

Me too, bn! Thanks so much for stopping by.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Nina,

So sorry I wasn't here to welcome you earlier, and to congratulate you on A Touch of Lilly. I love the excerpt, and I wish you great sales.

I was a science geek too. In fact, in junior high school I was on television three times on a science quiz show.

One reason I haven't written more scifi than I have is the fact that I worry about getting the science right - or at least plausible!

Anonymous said...

I have a few favorite genres, but sometimes I discover new subcategories within them! For instance, I never got into paranormals until I started reading m/m. Hot geeks and hot aliens have always appealed to me, too!

Trix, vitajex(at)aol(Dot)com

Gail said...

Hi Nina, Thanks for the insight into your world. Science geek..very cool! I was just a geeky little kid. 8-)
I hopped over to Amazon & my copy of "A Touch of Lilly".
BTW my cats think I'm staff too. :-)

erin said...

Congrats to Nina on the new release! Thanks for sharing ;)


Unknown said...

Love science. Glad you did something about it.

Beckey said...

Congrats on the Release Nina.. And thanks for sharing the excerpt

Kate said...

An excellent post and giveaway! Thanks :)

hense1kk (at) cmich (dot) edu

Mary Preston said...

I'm very happy to read across all genres. All I ask is a great story.


Nina Pierce said...

So happy to see you, Lisabet. Science runs through my blood and I do worry about the getting it right, but plausible ... I figure I can handle that. :D

Nina Pierce said...

Yep, that's a wonderful combination, Trix.

Nina Pierce said...

Oh, Gail, I hope you enjoy A TOUCH OF LILLY. Really, it's one of the stories I'm most proud of. And LOL! on the cats ... they definitely have a mind of their own.

Nina Pierce said...

Thanks Erin! People seem to be really enjoying the story. Glad you stopped by to check it out.

Nina Pierce said...

Sharon - I just love adding science stuff into my stories. Makes my inner geek very happy. ;)

Nina Pierce said...

Beckey - Glad you came by to check it out.

Nina Pierce said...

Thanks for swinging by to check it out, Kate!

Nina Pierce said...

You sound like me, Mary. There are very few places I won't travel with characters if the story is engaging and the writing well done.

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