Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Snog #89: A Case of You

I just finished a story for Total-E-Bound's free Hot Shot line, entitled "A Case of You". I'm not sure when it will be up on their website, but meanwhile, the story includes a sizzling kiss excerpt which I'm sharing today.

Be sure to visit Victoria Blisse at Snog Central for more delicious lip-locks. And speaking of Victoria, her August Al Fresco blog hop is going on right now! Everyday there's a sizzling new outdoor excerpt, from a different author. Every comment increases your chances of winning the grand prize - a Kindle full of Total-E-Bound's hottest romance! My post will be up on the 16th of August, but you can start reading and winning right now!

Here's a quick blurb for A Case of You, and the snog. Enjoy!
No wine is as sweet as surrender.

After years as her master’s sub, Rebecca believes she can endure any extreme of pain or pleasure he might care to inflict upon her. A visit to the California wine country and the heady thrill of being desired by a younger man teach her otherwise.

He pulled into the vineyard parking lot and with exaggerated solicitude smoothed my skirt down over my sticky thighs. Then he captured my chin in his big hand, raised my face to his and took possession of my mouth.

His kiss only fanned the fire raging in my sex. As he forced my lips apart with his tongue and plunged inside, I wondered whether this by itself – this demonstration of mastery - might be enough to make me come. He gripped my shoulders to hold me still. I ached for him to gather me to his chest, to stroke my hair and fondle my buttocks, but he held back, so that only our lips connected.

I opened to him, melting into a puddle of unabashed arousal. Let him take me, however he preferred. In response to my yielding, he morphed from ferocity to tenderness. He sipped at my mouth now, feathered his tongue along my parted lips and licked at the corners. I sank boneless into his arms, and at last he embraced me as I’d craved, mashing my straining nipples against his crisp sport shirt and nuzzling the sensitive spot below my ear.

He smelled of the Ivory soap he preferred and tasted of mint toothpaste – familiar, delicious, intoxicating. Made tipsy by his gentle strength, I giggled as he traced along the outer curve of my breast. He trailed his fingers down my spine to squeeze my ass, waking echoes of the whipping he’d delivered the previous evening. That hint of pain made a delicious contrast to delights he conjured with his hands and his mouth.

Ah...” I sighed, practically swooning. His moods and his contrariness - all his trials and teasing – this made it all worthwhile. He ruffled my hair with one hand while rummaging under my skirt with the other, seeking out the crevice between my rear cheeks. The hole there was still sore and distended from last night’s buggering, but as soon as I felt him approach that portal, I wanted him to take me again. There we were, sitting in a car with open windows in the broad daylight, in a public parking lot where anyone might have happened by. Yet I could already picture myself kneeling on the seat with my ass in the air, holding my breath and awaiting the rude shock of penetration.

His fingers grazed the entrance. My muscles grew slack, loose and welcoming, ready for him to impale me. I hungered to have him take possession once more of the darkest and most secret part of me.

With an evil chuckle, he snatched his hand away, breaking the spell.

You’re such a little slut, Becca. You’d give me your ass right here, despite the risk of being seen, wouldn’t you?”

Of course, sir.” My imagination painted a scene of our discovery – my naked, whip-striped buttocks exposed, his semen dripping out of my stretched sphincter, while shocked women screamed and sirens wailed. A blanket thrown over my nakedness. Handcuffs and lewd whistles from onlookers. “If that’s what you wanted.”

I’m talking about what you want, girl. Sometimes I think you’re more of a pervert that I am.” His lips met mine again in a fleeting press of bliss. “I’ve created a monster.”

Your monster, sir.”

Yes, indeed. My beautiful, kinky, beloved monster.”


As I said, I don't know yet when this story will be available - sorry for the tease! - but I have half a dozen other Hot Shots up for free reading on the Total-E-Bound site. Just go to my books page at TEB and look for "Hot Shots".


Julianna said...

Ahh, how I love the Daddy figure...

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks, Julianna. Though if you read the whole story, he's not so much of a "Daddy". Actually, if you've read my tale "Just a Spanking", these are the same characters.

PaParanormalFan Renee said...

Ohhhh myyyy myyyy Lisabet, you are such a Tease ;) ....& ya know what?.....I wouldn't' want You any other way ;) Thank you for sharing that very erotic excerpt with Us.
Take Care & Stay Naughty,

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