Monday, July 2, 2012

Lisabet's July News

Quarantine Cover

New and Upcoming Releases

There's less than a week left before my M/M science fiction novel Quarantine is released! In case you haven't heard (LOL), I'm planning a huge celebration, including a thirteen stop blog hop with different excerpts and a prize at every stop! The hop kicks off on the 6th of July at Victoria Blisse's place, and concludes on the 24th. In addition to the individual prizes, I'll select one person who comments during that period, either at a guest blog or at Beyond Romance to receive the Grand Prize, a $50 gift certificate to All Romance Ebooks.

Here's the blog hop schedule:

Date Blog URL
July 6Victoria Blisse
July 10Erica Pike
July 11Raine Delight
July 12Brenda Williamson (An Eclectic Author)
July 13Jon Michaelson
July 14Cerise DeLand
July 16K.D. Grace
July 17Keta Diablo
July 18Blak Rayne
July 19Romance Lives Forever (Kayelle Allen)
July 20Maria-Claire Payne
July 21EM Lynley
July 24Silken Sheets and Seductions

All my blog guests in July will be M/M authors, too. I'll be hosting great authors like Erika Pike, Keta Diablo, Talia Carmichael, EM Lynley, and more! So if you like gay romance, I hope you'll plan to spend some time over at my place this month.

Unfortunately, I have a business trip that's taking me overseas smack in the middle of the tour. So I may not be around as much as I'd like to respond to your comments. However, I'll pick winners at each blog when I return.

Anything For You CoverIn other news (yes, I do have other news!), my story Like Riding a Bicycle will be out next month as part of Rachel Kramer Bussel's anthology Anything for You: Erotica for Kinky Couples. You can read the blurb on my Coming Soon page and check out my new excerpt here.

Other News

In the Free Reading section of my site, I've added Lessons, a new BDSM piece, and a poem about unrequited love, Half Moon. I hope to have a new installment of "Cat Toy" for August.

TRR party poster Yesterday marked the start of The Romance Reviews huge summer party. They've got more than 400 prizes, including a $100 gift certificate grand prize. I'll be giving away a copy of Quarantine to one lucky reader on July 13th. All you have to do is answer a simple question about the book - and I'll even tell you where to go to find the answer! To play, just go to TRR's event page (

August 1st is the submission deadline for Coming Together: In Vein. Please consider sharing your super sexy vampire fiction for a good cause. (Previously published work is acceptable.) For details visit my blog.

At the Erotica Readers & Writers Association, my latest column in my Erotogeek series is entitled "Backup Blues: or Murphy was a Freakin' Optimist". Trust me, one of these days your hard disk will fail. And what happens then?


My Word of Mouth contest was something of a disappointment. I had so few entries that I've only picked a single winner, Tamsyn. Huge thanks to those of you who did spread the word. Guess I'll have to think of some other strategy to get my name known!

In fact - that's my contest for this month! Send an email to contest - at -, using the subject line "Promo Suggestion". In the email, tell me the one most important thing you think I should do to promote my work to readers. Use your own experience as a guide. How do you find out about new authors? What do you think works best to get an author's name out?
Around the beginning of August, I'll randomly pick one entry. The prize is your choice of Master Me (BDSM anthology), Seeing Stars (Scifi anthology), or Treble (ménage anthology).

Lisabet's Pick of the Month

My Pick of the Month for July is the blog of newly published author Louisa Masters. Louisa will be my guest later in July at Beyond Romance. She's working really hard to get the word about her recently released Sexy Snax piece, One Night in a Bar.


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good luck with your promo ideas. I sent you an email.

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It totally skipped my mind to enter last month's contest... I will try to remember to do this month's... have a great book tour! :)

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I started to and didn't do it.You do so much for your readers that makes you a great person

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