Wednesday, July 4, 2012


By Jambrea Jo Jones (Guest Blogger)

First—Thanks Lisabet for having me guest blog!

Now…on to the blog.

So I’ve had a fun weekend this past weekend. No power. I was caught in the big wind and rain storm. As I’m writing this, my home still doesn’t have power. I’m very lucky that my parents still have power. 
We’ve been crashing there. But think of all the things we take for granted. Air conditioning. Cold drinks. Your own bed. Food that isn’t rotten. Of course—all this is happening when we’re in a heat wave LOL. Doesn’t it figure? Now…if I had a couple of these hunks around—I might not care if I had power…

And the one thing I noticed is that no one knows how to properly do a four way stop. It’s like they’ve all gone crazy and just drive when they want to.

But what would happen if the whole world had no power, no way to communicate and the system of government as we now it now it had failed?

Well—I might have written about it. Of course I had this planned WAY before I experienced this little power outage. I have a series called Alliance. It’s m/m sci-fi erotic romance. (Well...Book two was m/m/f) and my newest book is more like a prequel. People get to see how and why the Alliance was formed. The latest volume is called Annihilation and it's due out the end of July from Total-E-Bound.


It’s the end of the world as they know it...

Ricardo Clark is ex-military working a nine to five job on Earth, a planet that was almost wiped out by the big flood of 2050. The world was changing and trying to regroup under a new government called the Alliance. For most it was business as usual. That is until the old government tries to take back over.
Gilliland Carter was tired of living on the streets. He took a job at a bakery hoping to put some normal back into his life. There was no need for his kind anymore, an undercover cop. The Alliance had a lock down on things and if you weren’t military, you weren’t needed. He didn’t exactly have the look of someone who’d fit into the soldier lifestyle with his tattoos and piercings.

Ricardo and Gilliland take a journey neither of them were prepared for. It will bring them to the brink of death, but can it also bring love? 

For more info, check out my website:

I wanted to be the youngest romance author published, but life impeded the dream. I put aside writing and went to college briefly, then enlisted in the Air Force. After serving for two years in the Air Force I returned to my home in Indiana and started a family. A few years later I discovered yahoo groups and book reviews. I haven’t turned my head over my shoulder since—there’s no sense in looking back. Reviewing books invoked my muse and called the writing bug back. Friends earned along the journey kept pushing me along until I submitted my first manuscript to a publisher. Since that time, I’ve submitted many more, had a few rejected, had a few published, and I’m working hard at getting more stories crafted.
I live with my family in Indiana where I read and play with my son when I’m not writing. I love to read and receive reader feedback and since I’m addicted to the internet, you can often find me lurking there.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Jambrea Jo!

I'm so glad to welcome you to Beyond Romance. Do you have power yet? Actually, I'm impressed by your equanimity. In your position, I'd be doing nothing but kvetch!

Where do you find all these gorgeous pics, by the way? I love guys with a bit of hair on their bods!

SusanR said...

Awesome pictures as usual Jambrea!

I love this series! Even the m/m/f one! LOL

Anonymous said...

You remember the ice storm a few years back right so it was a heat wave this time next back to ice.LOL Love all you write darling have a safe 4th!


Jambrea said...

Thanks for having me! Um...nope as of 10:00am EST still no power. lol As for the pics...I'm in a couple naughty groups and some I get online. lol

Thanks Susan!!

And I do remember the ice storm Cinders. I was out of power then too! They are saying this storm was MUCH worse than the ice one! There are still 19,000 people with out power, but they've restored like 80,000 people all ready. I'm just not one of the lucky ones. lol

Chocolate Minx said...

Jambi I'm sure those guys would be a better workout than a treadmill *g* Here's hoping that the ol girl Mother Nature will get her panties out of a bunch and give us a break in this weather, chocolate melts so easy in this heat. LOL

Billi said...

Oh....I have this in my TBR pile!!! Sigh. Maybe today is the day to start!!!


billi jean

Lisa said...

I was just thinking that you, Matt, & Clint might be able to create some electricity.
Hope the power comes back soon


Jean Roberta said...

Your book about the future looks intriguing -- I wonder if electric power will be a thing fo the past? (Hope not.) I hope you get yours back, Jambrea. Thanks for being a guest here.
- Jean

Jambrea said...

Thanks guys! Power power come on this afternoon! Woohoo! But Lisa, I'm sure we could totally create some electricity! I can't wait until Jayne writes that story. lol

And Jean hmmm...nope at least in my future electric is alive and kicking... heheee :) Thanks Jean. :)

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