Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quarantine Snog 3 - Rescue

Here's another quick kiss from Quarantine. I don't want to give away too much of the plot. Suffice it to say that Dylan's in trouble again, and once more, Rafe comes to his aid.

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“Urgh…” Dylan released a groan that turned into a cough. His eyelids fluttered open. “Rafe…” he whispered. “You found me.”

“Damn straight I did. You think I was going to just let you go and be some white honcho’s sex slave?” Rafe hid his concern in gruffness. Dylan looked really ill.

“But how—?”

“Never mind. We’ve got to get out of here.” Rafe pulled out a penknife and began sawing at the leather ankle-cuff.

“Um…I don’t know if I can move just yet.” A shadow of Dylan’s usual cheeky smile flitted across his face. “Anyway, Kevin won’t be back until tonight.”

“Kevin? You’re on a first name basis with the prick?” Rafe halted his attack on the cuff to glare at Dylan. All his insecurities came flooding back. “Did he fuck you?”

“No, no… I told him no, Rafe.” Dylan voice was edged with anxiety.

“And he listened to you? When he had you hogtied and at his mercy? You expect me to believe that?”

A haze of red clouded Rafe’s vision. “A slutty little perv like you? I saw you in his eP rig, humping away—”

“It’s true, baby.” With obvious effort, Dylan pushed himself to a sitting position and held Rafe’s accusing gaze. “I won’t say he didn’t touch me. And I won’t claim I wasn’t tempted, especially when it seemed like it might help me get away. But I told him I belonged to you. Honestly, Rafe. He said you’d been captured, but I refused to listen.” Dylan’s eyes had a liquid gleam. “I’m so grateful you’re okay. I was worried…”

“You think you were worried?” Rafe leaned in, raised Dylan’s chin and claimed a kiss. The familiar taste scattered his negativity. “Oh, God! I thought I’d lost you forever.” He sealed the other man’s mouth with his once more.

Dylan seemed to draw energy from Rafe’s body. His fingers scrabbled at Rafe’s belt, pulling out the tail of his shirt, pushing it up to expose Rafe’s chest, stroking the knotted fur between his breasts. A gentle twist to Rafe’s nipple sent pleasure shuddering down to his groin. Already his cock thickened in his jeans. A quick glance revealed that despite his recent eP-fueled orgasm, Dylan was hard and ready, too.


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Colleen C. said...

Great snippet... have been enjoying each little piece you have been sharing with us!

greenshamrock AT cox DOT net

Unknown said...

Possibly one of my favorite scenes...hard to choose :)

Emily said...

Thanks for the scene!


Fedora said...

That was a great snippet--thanks, Lisabet!

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