Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pick 'n Mix

By Victoria Blisse (Guest Blogger)

Hello, I am Victoria Blisse and I’m taking over Lisabet’s blog today. Thanks for the invite!

When I was little I would get to have sweets once a week, usually a Friday and I would get a whole twenty pence to spend as I wanted. My very favourite way to get my sweet fix was to indulge in a good old pick and mix.

Pick and Mix

All the sweet shops and post offices and such would have a tray with multiple square indents in it and each little square would be full of a different kind of sweet. You might have gummy worms, white chocolate mice, chocolate cups or cola bottles. There would always be the individually wrapped pieces of bubbly bubble gum that had a particularly pink flavour that doesn’t remind you of any real kind of food and probably some lollipops of some kind or another.

Most sweets cost a penny or the large items like the ones shaped like a babies dummy might set you back two whole pence. You could get many sweets for your twenty pence I can tell you.

I am sure you’re trying to work out where on earth I am going with this pleasant jaunt down memory lane well I’ll tell you. My love of pick and mix has never changed. I love variety, I like to pick and choose a little of this and a sample of that with maybe a little of the other mixed in for good measure. If you’ve ever read any Victoria Blisse stories you might have noticed this. In fact you only have to pop on over to victoriablisse.co.uk and have a look at my books page to see I like variety. You’ll find ménage, vampires, werewolves and contemporary romance set by the seaside all in my list of titles.

So, I suggest to get the best from your Blisse you need to pick and mix a few titles and mix them together but if you’re like me actually picking and mixing can take a long time. So, House of Erotica has made it simple for you. They’ve taken my four stories published separately with them and combined them into one collection.

collection cover

It contains a little femdom mixed with a heightened sense of smell and the most wonderful seaside town in the world (Scentsual), An older lady who falls head over heels for a young lad she employs at her supermarket (Till the End), A submissive college student who doesn’t realise her own beauty (Reluctant Muse) and a young lady out for revenge on a cheating partner by having sex with anything that moves in Masquerading Hearts.

All those titles are available individually if one particularly catches your eye but I suggest you go for The Victoria Blisse Collection and then you can enjoy them all together, it saves you money too!

Now, are you a ‘variety is the spice of life’ kind of person or not? Let me know if you like to mix and match or if you like everything to be in order. Also shout out if you remember old fashioned pick and mix, you can’t beat a good old reminisce now and then!

Also, please keep in touch. You can contact me over on my website or find me on Facebook or Twitter. I love meeting new people.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Victoria! Welcome back to Beyond Romance and congratulations on the release of your collection.

In America, our term for "Pick 'n Mix" was "Penny Candy", but I can see from the photo that lots of the items were the same. I wasn't much of a sweets person, but I think I enjoyed the experience of choosing more than the eating!

I'm like you when it comes to genres. I've written all the ones you mention and then some (e.g. gothic, steampunk, M/M...) And I just put together a very varied collection myself, called Body Electric, which includes vampire, historical, menage, spanking, BDSM, M/M, F/F, etc. etc....


Unknown said...

I really enjoyed this post! Variety is the spice and all that and you certainly accomplished that even here on this blog. Thank you for sharing as I've been teetering on changing my wip from a romantic suspense to a romantic suspense with paranormal elements. Your post is compelling me to do just that. Thank you and by the way...also makes me hungry for that "Penny Candy" mentioned above. lol.

Karen Cote

Victoria Blisse said...

Lisabet - Ah, Penny candy, well that also makes sense. I love finding out about different terms and turns of phrase from all over the world. Your collection sounds brilliant!

Karen -Oh, definitely go for it, if you feel it's right to add the paranormal elements then you shouldn't hold back! :)

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