Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It All Starts TOMORROW!

I'm off on my annual trip back to the U.S. tomorrow morning. But I've arranged for you to have lots of entertainment while I'm gone.

I've booked more than two dozen fabulous authors as guests here at Beyond Romance, for my Sizzling Spring Excerpt Festival. Every day I'll feature a different cover, author, blurb and excerpt.

And to make things more interesting, I'm having a big contest. First prize is a package of three of my current print books, autographed of course. Second prize is a single print book, and third prize is an ebook. I'll randomly draw the winners after I return on the 20th of April.

What do you have to do? Simply show up, read, enjoy and comment. Every time you leave a comment you're entered to win. The more often you visit, the higher the chance that you'll be one of my winners!

By the way, the author who generates the most comments will also get a prize. So stay tuned to your groups and email lists, so you can help your favorite authors win!

See you in April!


Colleen said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip! :)

Mary Preston said...

It all sounds wonderful thank you.


Unknown said...

Have a great time.

Rachel Randall said...

Hope your trip is fantastic, Lisabet! :D

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