Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Men in Uniform

By April Dawn (Guest Blogger)

I have two novels being released soon that deal with military men. Bound by Love (Jan 29) is a historical romance about Darion, one of the Son's of Liberty, and Chloe, the woman who gets drawn by her love for him into a world far darker than she ever expected. Crushing Desire (Feb 12) is the story of an ex-military man who is in denial of his attraction for Reena. She has tried to get over him, but now that he has agreed to pose as her husband, she might not have to. Since both of my new releases have something to do with soldiers, I thought I would explore why we love men in uniform so much.

There are the obvious reasons, like they are handsome in the uniform, but let's look a little deeper and see what we find. Some of us have had personal experience with men in uniform that drove us wild.

"I am… partial to men in uniform. I married my husband when he was in the Army. When he got out of the Army, he became a state trooper." - Debby

"I am partial to men in uniform after my days as an EMT. I met so many great and brave men, young and old, risking their lives as firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, and police officers… I also knew so many who sacrificed to protect our freedom. Courage is very sexy." - Melinda

Melinda has something there. We give men in uniform attributes that are very attractive. Courage, pride, honor, daring, protective. All these words have been used to describe men in uniform.

"The uniform itself says a lot. He's an honorable man, gives his life to save others, and does it because that's who he is. There something so daring and sexy about that." - Yvonne Nicolas

"We know it's not always the case, but the ideal, the fantasy invoked, is one of a man of courage and honor, a modern version of the Knight in Shining, protector of the weak, defender of the realm. Doesn't hurt that there are all those lovely, shiny buttons to undo as well..." - Angel Martinez

"He's a hero in more ways than one, Usually puts others lives before his own. And he wears a white shirt! lol. (Sorry have a thing about white shirts)" - Clare Revell

This is true, and for some the uniform itself is a big deal., this weeks winner of A History of Romance's giveaway of The Soldier's Return , by Ava Delany was R Tianna, and I like the way she described her love of a man in uniform.

"I love men in uniform because it’s like a classy piece of chocolate. Buttoned down, custom fitted in a nice package. Muscles girth weight and height hidden beneath the veneer of a uniform silver and gold emphasized on blue or white. You get excited wanting to peel off the exterior to get a taste of what’s hidden underneath and take a lick or bite or both." - R Tianna

I want to thank Lisabet for having me on the blog, and to thank all the people who told me why they love a man in uniform. Also I want to take this opportunity to let all my readers know that the people in Haiti need our help, and will continue to need our help for some time to come. To that end, I intend to donate all my earnings from my novels date Jan 29 – Mar 1 to benefit Haiti. I am also holding a virtual signing for both of my releases. For more information, check out my website.

APRIL DAWN is: Mother of an 18 month old, heroine to my hero, Californian, author, book lover, traveler, letterboxer, movie and music lover, morning person, quirky, funny(or so I've been told).


Unknown said...

Thanks for letting me guest blog today.
April Dawn

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, April,

Thank _you_ for sharing your thoughts on men in uniform. I love the cover of Bound By Love, by the way, even if the guy is in civvies!


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