Sunday, February 28, 2021

YOU Decide the Characters' Fates - #ParanormalRomance #InteractiveRomance #AlphaMale

Witches' Brew cover image

While you're reading, have you ever thought - "I wish this would have happened in the story?"

Now's your chance to make that dream come true.

Welcome to Chapters Interactive Stories, where you are the lead character and you decide the characters' fates.

My first release with them is Witches' Brew.

As you read through this one chapter short story, you’ll find two types of choices to make. Critical choices are free and will completely alter your story and lead you on a path to one of nine alternate endings! Bonus Choices will give you lots of additional scenes later on in the story. Either way, the story you enjoy will be uniquely your own.

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Death is stalking the paranormal world...

With an illegal cure to a terrible Illness, you risk everything to help your community— with your ex, an enforcer, hot on your heels.

About the Author

Tina’s an Amazon and international bestselling novelist who writes passionate romance for every taste – ‘heat with heart’ – for traditional publishers and indie. Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised her work. She’s won Readers’ Choice Awards, was named a finalist in the EPIC competition, received a Book of the Year award, The Golden Nib Award, awards of merit in the RWA Holt Medallion competitions, and second place in the NEC RWA contests. She’s featured in the Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market. Before penning romances, she worked at a major Hollywood production company in Story Direction.

On a less serious note: she’s an admitted and unrepentant chocoholic, brakes for Mexican restaurants, and has been known to moan like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally while wolfing down tostadas. She’s flown a single-engine airplane (freaking scary), rewired an old house using an ‘electricity for dummies’ book, and is horribly shy despite the hot romances she writes.









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Lisabet Sarai said...

This sounds like an interesting twist... but much harder for you to write, I imagine, since you need to consider all the different alternatives.

Thanks for being my guest.

Tina Donahue said...

Thanks for hosting me, Lisabet!

I've found this type of story is actually fun to write. Gets all the creative juices flowing. After a time, I just started thinking in terms of 'what if'. :)

Fiona McGier said...

I've read about kids' books that have this kind of trick to them--but never considered it for a romance. Intriguing idea.

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