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She wears her title with pride! #MILFErotica #SizzlingSunday #WantonWoman

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I wanted to put together a Sizzling Sunday post and discovered, looking back through my blog history, that I’d never featured an excerpt from The Slut Strikes Back – even though it’s one of my most incendiary stories. So here’s a juicy (literally) excerpt to remedy that omission. Enjoy!


Find someone else to satisfy your needs.”

When her husband complains about her constant sexual demands, MILF Lauren Gordon is shocked and hurt – and determined to act on his instructions.

Lauren has never strayed outside the bounds of her marriage, but now that she has permission, she unleashes her voracious libido on her gorgeous girlfriend next door, the UPS delivery man, and anyone else who strikes her fancy.

Her husband called her a slut in order to shame her. Lauren wears the title with pride. When he comes home to find her gang banging her son’s buddies from the college wrestling team, he realizes he’s made a huge mistake. He wants his slutty wife back. But once you’ve freed the genie, you can’t put it back in the bottle.

If you love wild adventures of wanton women, you'll love The Slut Strikes Back.


They made small talk for a while longer. Lauren barely paid attention, just let their gorgeous English accents roll over her. The erotic tension built to near unbearable levels. In the course of the conversation, she sought opportunities to touch them – a casual hand on Phil’s arm as emphasis, an “accidental” brush against James’ knee. When Phillip’s unruly hair fell into his eyes, she smoothed it back from his brow. Both men devoured her with their eyes, but were less forward with their hands. Meanwhile, her nipples throbbed and her clit felt swollen enough to explode.

Finally, she lost patience with their shyness. “Don’t you think it’s time we went up to your room?” she asked, parting her thighs slightly so they’d catch a whiff of her arousal.

Ah – do you want to?” James looked so surprised that Lauren burst out laughing.

Of course, you silly man!”

Oh – well – I guess I should pay the tab…”

I’ll sign for it,” said Phillip. “The room’s in my name. Miss!”

Nikki came over with the bill, a scowl settled firmly on her red-painted mouth. The two gentlemen helped Lauren to her feet. She found that after three strong rum drinks, she was a bit wobbly.

James caught her arm as she stumbled. “Careful in those shoes. Wouldn’t want you to break a leg.” He steered her toward the elevators.

Don’t worry,” she replied, clutching him for support. “Been wearing heels since I was fourteen… But wait – just a minute!” Weaving a bit, she headed back into the bar.

Nikki?” She extracted a twenty dollar bill from her wallet and folded it into the barkeeper’s hand. “Thanks for everything. And I’ll be back.”

You will?”

Sure. I’m local, remember?” Leaning over the bar, she pressed her lips briefly to the barkeep’s, before scurrying back to her two Englishmen. “Now,” she murmured, “take me upstairs and ravish me.”

In the elevator, James slipped his arm around her waist while Phillip fondled her bum, but the presence of other guests prevented any further intimacies. Once the door of their room closed, however, their inhibitions vanished.

James dragged her into a rough embrace and claimed her mouth. She opened to him, savoring the heat of his body and the flavor of single malt on his tongue. Phillip circled behind her to hold her by the hips and nuzzle at the nape of her neck. He pressed his lean form against her lush body, sliding his rigid cock back and forth in the fabric-lined crevice between her butt cheeks. Meanwhile his friend ground his equally delightful hardness against her pubis.

Lauren’s arousal climbed, instant by instant. “God, how I want you!” she breathed. “Both of you!”

Phillip reached down to grab the hem of her dress, then drew the garment up over her head. James took possession her bared breasts, cradling them in his big hands. “Magnificent!” he exclaimed, then leaned in to capture one tender, aching nipple with his mouth. A line of fire raced from the nub to her pulsing clit. While he sucked on one nipple, he pinched the other, pulling Lauren taut between pleasure and pain. Just when she thought she couldn’t bear any more, he’d switch.

Meanwhile, Phillip sank to the floor behind her and dragged her drenched thong down to her ankles. Her oceany scent filled the room. Urging her thighs apart, he began to lick her pussy. The angle made it difficult for him to reach her clit, but he compensated by devoting his oral attentions to her rear hole. His tongue circled and probed the tight whorl of muscle, triggering a delicious mélange of sensation. The heat and wetness built. Answering moisture seeped from her cunt. He lapped it up, stroking his way between her folds, then returned to her anus.

Still nursing her tits, James reached between her legs to diddle her clit. With James stimulating her from the front and Phillip from the rear, she was already close to climax. She could let go, allow them to take her over the edge. What she really wanted, though, was to come with their cocks inside her.

Wait!” she gasped, twisting away from them. She palmed the substantial bulk in James’ groin, then turned to squeeze Phillip’s equally impressive erection. “You two are wearing far too many clothes.” Backing away, she perched on the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide to expose her glistening slit. She ran a finger between her engorged pussy lips, gathering her juices, then held out the dripping digit for them to see. “This is for you,” she told them. “I want you naked. Now.”

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Fiona McGier said...

Yeah, this one is a sizzler, for sure! I'm still irritated that while there are SO many names for women who pursue sex with this kind of devotion, it's just considered "normal" for men. Gee, think we live in a patriarchy? I say what's sauce for the gander, is sauce for the goose as well.

Larry Archer said...

I loved it! Great story.

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