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A kiss that sought out her secrets -- #MFRWHooks #MFRWAuthor #EroticRomance #Giveaway

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For today’s Book Hooks, I’ve got an excerpt from my erotic romance Miranda’s Masks. This snippet is PG, but the book itself is rated five flames – or maybe higher!

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Shy and serious by dayinsatiable by night.

Betrayed and abandoned by her first lover, shy and studious Miranda Cahill freezes in response to any sexual attention from someone she knows and likes.

During the day, she works diligently on her doctoral thesis. At night, she finds herself drawn into increasingly extreme sexual encounters with strangers. Public coupling, multiple partners, age play, spankings, bondage, lesbian lust—each experience reveals new dimensions of her depravity. Her anonymous secret life begins to take over when she discovers that the masked seducer she meets in a sex club and the charismatic young professor courting her are the same man.

Dickens scholar Mark Anderson seems like an affable, uncomplicated Midwesterner, but he has hidden depths, myriad talents, and an unlimited appetite for erotic variety. With Mark as her guide, Miranda gradually comes to understand and accept the intricacy of her own desires, as well as to trust her heart. 



The Hook

They walked out of the restaurant, into the humid, velvety night. “Come back to Beacon Hill with me,” said Miranda. “We can have a cappuccino at the café across from my apartment, and you can meet Heathcliff.”

Heathcliff? Shades of Wuthering Heights! I thought you shared your apartment with a woman.”

Heathcliff’s my cat, a real sweetie. Lucy, my roommate, is away. In fact, she’s in Paris, with the latest love of her life.”

Sounds like an interesting lady.”

You wouldn’t believe it if I told you,” said Miranda. “But anyway, that’s her private business.” She swallowed hard. “So, are you coming?” She tried to sound offhand, but she wanted him so badly that her voice came out in a little squawk.

I’d love to,” said Mark, putting his arm around her shoulder as they headed for the subway station. “That is, if you want me to.”

Miranda did not answer, simply enjoying his warm, casual, comfortable touch.

Heathcliff met them at the door. He nosed suspiciously around Mark’s sandals, then jumped up on the bookshelf and stared at him. Mark held out his hand. Heathcliff gave it a perfunctory sniff. Then he began rubbing his head and chin against the outstretched fingers, purring loudly.

He likes you,” said Miranda, delighted at Heathcliff’s approval of her new flame. “He’s a friendly cat, but he’s usually a bit standoffish for the first half hour or so.”

Mark scratched the orange tabby under the chin. The purr volume ratcheted up a notch.

He’s great,” said Mark. “And this is a fantastic apartment. Fourteen-foot ceilings, oak floors, and a marble mantelpiece. Does the fireplace work?”

You want a fire on a sweltering night like this?”

Not when I’m with a hot number like you. But it might be cozy to cuddle up here in the winter.”

Miranda found that she was blushing. His joking compliment, plus his oblique reference to a future together, made her feel even warmer. “So, would you like a glass of wine? Or would you rather go across the street for coffee?”

Mark flopped down on her sofa as if it were his own. Heathcliff immediately curled up beside him. “Wine would be wonderful. Coffee would keep me awake, and I need to be rested for that lecture tomorrow.”

Miranda retrieved the open bottle of Pinot Grigio from the refrigerator and poured two glasses. Handing him one, she sat down next to him with her own goblet, on the opposite side from Heathcliff’s tawny body. “To London,” she said, raising her glass.

To London, and other adventures.”

They took a few silent sips. What now? thought Miranda. She tingled all over from nervousness, but for once there was no knot of fear in her belly. Mark was looking at her, searching her face as if trying to read her thoughts. The silence lengthened. Ever so slowly, as if he were afraid that she might flee, he reached for her hand. His skin was warm and dry. She suddenly remembered the way he had stroked her palm, the first time they met. The recollection gave her a little thrill.

She wondered at her own shyness. Given her recent escapades, she could hardly be called sexually inexperienced, yet she felt as much like a virgin now as she had with Geoff.

He was still staring at her, their hands clasped. Waiting for her to make the first move?



They collapsed in laughter as they spoke simultaneously. Somehow, the shared humor erased the tension. Miranda turned toward him and kissed him.

His response was immediate and electrifying. His arms encircled her, pulling her close to his chest, while he returned her kiss with a ferocity that was astounding. It was a probing, aggressive, challenging kiss, a kiss that sought out her secrets.

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Great excerpt. I would love more
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Wondering if Heathcliffe is going to jump in at a most inappropriate time.

Janet Lane Walters said...

Great excerpt. Heathcliff is a character too

Fiona McGier said...

Leading up to mucho steaminess, if I know you, Lisabet! Enticing excerpt.

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Wow, she's a very different woman in the dark! Sounds smoking hot.

Anonymous said...

A man who brings both purrs and kisses -- he'd definitely a keeper. I liked your blurb, too. It lays out so clearly that the lesson she needs to learn is to understand her own desires, which is the classic journey of erotica.

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nice blurb
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So sorry! I forgot to draw a winner. Congratulations to aerokorngal!

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