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Sunday Quiz! How well do you know my books? (#prize #contest #excerpts)

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Happy Sunday!

I feel like giving away a $10 gift certificate. Anyone want it?

Here’s how to enter. You’ll find three excerpts below. Which of my books does each on come from?

Tell me in a comment, below. Don’t forget to include your email address.

Special bonus: tell me the name of my most recent BDSM erotic romance, and I’ll give you an additional entry.

Excerpt 1

The stranger loomed over her, a huge man-shaped shadow. Full night had arrived, and Maddy could see nothing of the man’s features. She shivered and felt her heartbeat quicken once again. She was lost and alone, crippled by an ankle that was sprained if not broken. What could she do to protect herself?

He sank on his haunches next to her aching, muddy body. “Are you hurt, Miss?” he asked, his vowels rounded by the traces of French. Maddy’s fear melted in the warmth of that rich voice. The scent of roses tickled her nostrils. The pain in her ankle dwindled to an occasional annoying twinge.

The man’s skin reminded her of the Blue Mountain coffee she and Troy had enjoyed at breakfast, a brown so dark it was almost black. Raindrops gleamed on his smooth cheeks and pooled in the hollow of his throat. Looking at him made her thirsty. He was powerfully built, with massive shoulders swelling out from his worn denim vest. Underneath, his muscled chest was bare. A tight frizz of black hair grew in the furrow between his breasts.

As he crouched at her side, his jeans stretched taut over his thighs but hung loosely around his narrow hips. Another line of kinky curls ran down from his navel to disappear under his waistband.

His face was the visage of a Nubian king, prominent cheekbones and a fleshy nose with elegant, flared nostrils. His liquid-brown eyes were set wide apart, in deep sockets protected by the fine arch of his brows. His proud forehead rose above them, up to the tight-knit black frizz that covered his skull.

And his mouth… Maddy couldn’t stop herself from staring at those full lips, mahogany-red against his rosewood-dark face. They were parted in a half-smile that revealed the pearly white of perfect teeth. An image flashed through Maddy’s mind, that kinky head bent to her breast, those sensual lips fastened on her nipple. Her nubs tightened under her soaked shirt, their ache completely distracting her from her injured ankle.

Excerpt 2

Shadows filled the apartment. The lamps were still off. As my eyes adapted, however, I saw a male figure seated in the chair by the window, hunched over with his head in his hands.

Tom!Rushing to his side, I gathered him in my arms, his curly head pillowed on my breasts. Although he didnt resist, he also didnt reciprocate. Instead, he slumped against me, motionless, as though all the energy had drained from his powerful body. I barely felt the electricity that normally kindled when our skins touched.

His scent rose around me and my pussy twitched to life, but I knew that right now, sex wasnt what Tom needed.

Its okay. Everything will be okay.I stroked his curly head, unsure how to counter his apparent weakness.Ill take care of you, Tom. Dont worryYoull be fine…”

Fine?His voice was bitter, edged with despair.Im cursed. Damned. How could I ever be fine?

He raised his face to mine. Tears brimmed in his luminous eyes. A vast wave of pity surged through me. I bent to kiss him, trying to pour my strength into him.

Our mouths met. Desire flickered underneath my boundless compassion. I let my tongue play along the soft seam where his lips pressed together. After momentary resistance, he opened to me, allowing me to take what I craved. At first, he was passive. I persevered, though, and before long, he was kissing me in return, running his hands along my arms and gently fondling my breasts. My body awakened, little bursts of lightning racing through my limbs to my dampening sex.

The night came back to me, in vivid detail. I remembered the joy, the sense of connection. This man was made for me. I had to save him.

Tom finally broke the kiss and leaned back with a sigh.Ah, Shaina! I should never have allowed you near me. But I was so very lonelyI wasnt thinking straight. Now Ive put you in danger too.

Danger? What kind of danger?I reached over to flick the switch on my reading lamp, so I could read his expressions. Then I seated myself cross-legged at his feet and clasped his hands in mine.Tell me, Tom. Tell me everything.

You will not believe me.

How could I not believe afterafter what I saw this morning?

His eyebrows knitted together.I never wanted you to seeI was careless…”

But I did see. And now I know, at least something about you. But I dont know enough to help you out of whatever trouble youre in. Tell me the whole truth. I promise Ill keep it private, if thats what you want. And I promise I wont be shocked.

Toms lush mouth twisted in a grimace of disgust.You might not be able to keep that promise. But never mind. Youve asked. Ill tell you.

Excerpt 3

There’s a soft knock. I hobble over to the door and peer through the peephole to confirm that it’s Jimmy. It seems to take hours for me to unfasten the chain and retract the bolt, but I finally get the door open.

Hi, Stella.” His voice is soft, concerned. It feels like a caress. “I didn’t want to ring the bell. Figured your nerves were kind of shot, the last thing you need is the jangling.”

Jimmy looks a bit rumpled. His sandy hair is in his eyes. His white business shirt is damp, wrinkled and untucked in the back. He needs a shave.

He looks good enough to eat.

Come on in out the rain. I’m so glad to see you.”

Not as glad as I am to see you.” Jimmy wraps his arms around me in what begins as a brotherly hug. He buries his face in my hair, breathing deeply. “I’ve been so worried about you, Stella. This whole thing with the murders...”

Shush, let’s not talk about that.” I am enjoying the feel of his lean, strong body pressed against mine. I ignore the dull ache from my bruised ribs. I want him to be my only reality. He smells clean, despite his disarray: soap, menthol, some kind of lemony aftershave. Just a hint of sweat, enough to blend the other scents into something organic and distinctly Jimmy. Breathing him in, I feel a bit light-headed, like he was some kind of drug. My knees go weak, and I hold onto him more tightly.

Stella...” he whispers. His hands begin to roam, gliding from my back under my arms to cradle my breasts. He holds them almost reverently, ignoring for the moment the swollen, demanding nipples poking into his chest.

I adjust my position, inserting one thigh between his legs, to seek out the rigid bulk I know I’ll find there. Ooh, Jimmy! Very nice! I rub myself back and forth over his cock, teasing, feeling him grow even bigger and harder. A shudder runs through his frame and I think for a moment that I’ve gone too far, that he’s already going to come. I try to back away, but he grabs me and pulls me back, grinding his thigh against my pubis.

Even through two layers of cloth, my clit pulses and throbs exquisitely. I reach around and grab his butt cheeks so that I can control the friction. He does the same to me. For I don’t know how long, we stand there tangled up in the doorway, dry-humping each other like two teenagers.

I’m halfway to coming, when he stops suddenly. I start to protest, but he silences me with a rich, delicious kiss. It’s strong and sweet like Greek coffee, brazen tongue probing, shy lips nibbling. I kiss him back eagerly, trying to pour all my gratitude and my lust into the moment.

All at once I’m off balance. Before I realize what is happening, Jimmy sweeps me up in his arms and carries me into the parlor. “Jimmy, you’ll hurt yourself!” I’m half laughing, half concerned. I’m not a small woman, and Jimmy’s no Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Just relax and let me do the work.” He settles me gently on the couch and for a moment just stands back to look at me, something like adoration in his eyes. I’m embarrassed by his intensity. I focus my attention on the appealing bulge in his groin.

Why don’t you open your fly and make yourself more comfortable?” I reach for his zipper, but he catches my hands in his, holding them tight. His lips twist in an odd half-smile.

Why don’t you let someone else take control for a change?” A flicker of fear shimmers through me. I have the strange notion that he is planning to get out his handcuffs and restrain me. I swear, the image is so vivid, it must come from his mind. All my years of dancing have made me sensitive to men’s perverse desires.

Terror seizes me briefly. I wonder if I can escape. Then lust floods in, and I wonder if I want to.


So... what do you think? Just enter the titles in your comment, along with the numbers. If you need help, check out my list of books here!


Colleen C. said...

1. Fire in the Blood
2. The Eyes of Bast
3. Exposure
bonus: Damned If You Do
I think I am right... greenshamrock atcox dotnet

Ami Savitri said...
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Ami Savitri said...

Excerpt 1: Fire in the Blood
Excerpt 2: The Eyes of Bast
Excerpt 3: Exposure

Bonus: Damned If You Do (released April 2017)

My email: amie_07(at)yahoo(dot)com ... forgot to write it down on the previous comment

Sharon E said...

Excerpt 1: Fire in the Blood
Excerpt 2: The Eyes of Bast
Excerpt 3: Exposure
Bonus: Damned If You Do


E.L. F. said...

I have to agree...

1: "Fire in the Blood"
2: "The Eyes of Bast"
3: "Exposure"

Most recent BDSM story: "Damned If You Do"

Thanks for the contest (and those yummy excerpts)

elewkf1 at yahoo dot com

Mary Preston said...



bn100 said...

1 fire in the blood
2 the eyes of Bast
3 exposure
Bonus damned if you do

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Lisabet Sarai said...

Obviously too easy.... ;^)

Thanks, everyone, for playing with me!

orelukjp0 said...

Excerpt 1: Fire in the Blood
Excerpt 2: The Eyes of Bast
Excerpt 3: Exposure
Bonus: Damned If You Do

Sorry for being a little behind. Just flew back home.

orelukjp0 at gmail dot com

Lisabet Sarai said...

Congratulations to Gayle, who's my winner this time!

Thanks for joining in the fun!

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