Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday Snog 252: Coming in Costume (#99cents #Christmas #BDSM)

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It’s Sunday again. I’ve got a quick snog excerpt for you, very transgressive, from my BDSM erotic romance volume Coming In Costume.

But Halloween is over, I hear you saying. Why is she still pushing this book?

Well, first of all, the book is on sale for only 99 cents, for the month of November. If you go to Amazon, you’ll find the price already reduced. If you prefer to buy from Smashwords, just use the coupon code UR88L when you check out.

Second, in addition to the title story which is a Halloween piece, the book includes two bonus stories featuring the same characters. One of them is my Christmas ménage “Silver Bells”. And it’s definitely not Christmas yet!

My excerpt today comes from that holiday tale.

Once you’ve recovered from my steamy sample, head over to Victoria’splace. She’s celebrating ten years as a published author, and has a new collection, plus a lovely, cheeky kiss excerpt, to share.

I felt Greg’s gaze like a spotlight trained on me, a beam of pure heat. He stood by the sound system, across the living room, a goblet of ruby wine clasped between his finger and thumb. He’d dressed up for the party; in his black raw silk jacket and silver-grey turtleneck, he was totally gorgeous. Familiar gratitude tightened my chest.

Greg was taller than I was by nearly a foot, taller in fact than anyone else in the room, with the powerful build of a wrestler. His square chin and prominent nose made him look rough and a bit dangerous. Finely etched brows and a plump, mobile mouth tempered that impression with a hint of elegance and sensitivity. Handsome, brilliant, well-educated and well-to-do, Greg could have had any woman he wanted. And he’d chosen me.

Love and lust together nearly overwhelmed me. My initial impulse was to rush across the room to kneel at his feet. I suspected, however, that he wouldn’t approve. He favored me with an indulgent smile, as though he sensed my inner turmoil. Then he arched one eyebrow and pursed his lips as though to whistle. I was at his side in two seconds.

He draped his arm around my shoulder and nuzzled my hair, threatening to dislodge my carefully arranged French twist. I snuggled against him, not caring at all. When he tilted my chin to raise my eyes to his and brushed his lips across mine, I swear my over-stimulated body nearly toppled into climax from that brief touch.

I want you to do something for me, Bella.” He pitched his voice low, so that only I would hear.

Of course. Sir.” The sudden steel in his gaze made me add the honorific.

Go into the bedroom. Remove the clip and the bells from your clit.”

Vaguely disappointed, I had the temerity to object. “It’s all right, Sir. I can bear it.”

No, I don’t want to cause any damage. A clitoris is more delicate than a nipple. Leave the clamps on your tits.”

Yes, Sir,” I replied, noting and appalled by my own relief that he was not about to strip away all my hidden signs of submission.

Next, get the red butt plug from the toy box, lubricate it, and insert it. Come back out to take care of our guests when you’re ready.”

A shock of arousal sizzled through me. “But, Sir...” I could already imagine the horrible sensation of walking around in my high heels, the fat bulk of the plug secretly stretching my rear hole and shifting with every step, the bells tugging at my aching nipples. I dreaded it. I wanted it.

Would you refuse one of my requests, Bella?” Greg shook his head in reproach. “I thought you wanted to please me.”

I do, I do, Sir. It’s just...”

Excuses are simply a form of disobedience.” He sighed and released me from his grasp. I felt abandoned. “And here I thought I’d trained you so well—that you were mine to command...”

I am, Sir. I’m sorry. Whatever you say. I’ll wear the plug, if that’s what you want.”

Greg’s face brightened. “That’s my girl. Go on, now. I want you horny and well stretched, for later.”

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