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Love is a Journey (#pnr #eroticromance @authorlolawhite)

By Lola White (Guest Blogger)

Love is just as much a journey as life is. As a romance author, I try to capture the ups and downs of the path, but that also means that I travel that path, take that journey, with every book I write. The Magic Matched series has taken me to places I never expected.

Let me start near the beginning of the trail…

My friend met her husband when she was fifteen years old, and the very first time she spoke to him, she knew she would marry him. No one thought her certainty would prove to be prophetic, but they’ve been together since then, defying the odds for two decades, and that made me wonder...

What if you knew who you would marry before you were even grown-up enough to understand what marriage was? How would knowing exactly who you were going to marry affect your life, especially if the two of you were very different—raised with different goals, ethics and expectations? And what happens when you grow from childhood innocence to adult challenges?

This fascinated me. I had chosen to travel throughout my twenties, when everyone else I knew was getting married and having children. I had things to do, places to see and refused even the hint of roots to tie me down. The thought of spending my whole life with one person made me shudder back then, and still makes me a bit nervous now.

But there are a lot of people who marry their high school sweethearts, and even more who enter into arranged marriages throughout the world. I thought of the journey they must make, from immaturity to partnership, and applied that to a world divided between matriarchal and patriarchal lines. I thought of how two people could grow together, and become a solid, loving team, if they were willing to work at it.

Magic Matched is a four-part series, which gave me enough time to make the journey. Silviu Lovasz is a patriarchal witch determined to rule over all the covens. He’s also a Reap witch, born with too much magic, which he tries to hide from others. Because of this, his father arranged a marriage to Georgeanne Davenold, a matriarchal witch born without magic, when they were both children. Their families expect the pair to achieve the ultimate leadership position in witching society because, together Silviu and Georgie can unlock each other’s full magical potential. They are Magic Matches.

They are also from different sides of the Schism, the divide between matriarchal and patriarchal houses. One values women, the other men, and that causes some conflict—not just between Silviu and Georgie, but also the way others see them and react to them. They are both dominant personalities with differing opinions, they’ve had different upbringings and experiences.

But the true source of conflict between them is Georgie’s distrust in Silviu. Part of that is due to Silviu’s patriarchy, part is due to a youthful indiscretion they shared. They were too young, just teenagers, and neither of their families were prepared for the bond they’d created between them. Not then, not when the loyalty they had for their own families was suddenly threatened by the way they felt toward each other.

Georgie was sent away. She and Silviu were kept separate for ten years, and the time apart gave Georgie reason to doubt Silviu’s motives toward her. She believes he’s manipulating her, using her and her body to get what he wants.

Magic Matched is Georgie’s journey. And mine. As she learns to trust again, as she learns to love, old wounds are reopened and she is tested in ways she never imagined. As was I.

This series has dragged me through emotions I would rather not have had to confront. Fears and regrets, but also appreciation for the decisions I’ve made. We each have different paths to travel, but eventually we all come across the same lessons. Love is one of them, and for my characters it’s the most important lesson of all—Magic Matches are highly influenced by their emotions, you see. And with two witches so potent they’re usually relegated to myth not only walking the earth, but Matched with an unstable, unequal power, love is the only thing that can save them…and the rest of the witching world.

Betrothed is the first book in the Magic Matched series and weaves together two stories, as does every installment. Silviu and Georgie finally reunite at a betrothal ceremony for his sister.

Ileana Lovasz is a pawn with a string of broken betrothals to prove it. She’s willing to use her body to escape her manipulative grandfather, and agrees to meet Eliasz Levy, a man wholly focused on building an alliance with Silviu. Eliasz figures marriage to Ileana is an ideal way to get the power he wants, but when the new couple meets, emotions they never expected change everything.

Ileana, Eliasz, Silviu and Georgie must build an alliance that will help them all get what they want but, with too many lies and too many enemies, the game they’re playing turns treacherous. When the two women come under attack, neither Silviu nor Eliasz knows which is the target. They only know they will protect the women their hearts have claimed as their own, even though that means defying the traditions of witching society, risking every goal they hold dear and confronting the dangerous members of their own families.

Betrothed is currently on sale for 99 cents, to celebrate the upcoming release of the third book in the series. This extremely low price is available for only another few days, until May 17th, but will then be sold for a temporary price of $3.99 for the next few months. Married, the second book in the series is also being sold for that price. This is an excellent time to enter the witching world and meet Georgie and Silviu. Join them on their journey…

Thank you Lisabet!

Excerpt from Betrothed

Do you ever think about the night I first put my hands on you?”

Georgie froze, stopped breathing. She shook her head as her eyes flew wide. Silviu smiled and stepped closer, ever closer, until there was only enough room for their bodies’ heat to pass between them. He set his hand at her waist and sent it sliding up, following the line of her torso to her ribcage.

You do,” he whispered wickedly. “You remember how it felt, when I ran my hands over your bare body, when I ran my thumb over your perfect little nipple.”

Stop it. This is inappropriate at a Levy Family function.”

Her voice was too breathless to heed. He curled his fingers over her breast, craving shooting through him when he felt her nipple pebble under his touch. Her breath faltered, turning ragged, her pulse hammering in her slender throat.

Do you remember when I put my mouth on you and kissed my way down, finally tasting your first flood of passion. How sweet you were, all innocent and fresh, lifting for me with a need you didn’t even bother to hide.”


He squeezed her nipple lightly as he licked across her lips, nearly giving in when her mouth opened for him. Instead, he ruthlessly held onto his lust and drew back, leaving her aching, needing. He hoped as needy as him.

Slowly, he moved away from her, gathering his control around him. “I think you’ll taste like that again, Georgie.”

I’m not a virgin, Silviu.” She lifted her chin, chest heaving, the moonlight showing him the flush that washed across her cheeks and collarbone. “You’d better not expect innocence.”

Pain moved through him, bitter regret. He pushed it aside and lifted a brow. “I took your innocence, Georgie, when we were just children. I’ll take your experience too, and teach you brand new things.”

Bold words.”

A promise, my love. Whoever touched you, they didn’t feel like me, did they? They didn’t feel as good, as right. You didn’t want them as much as you want me, and you damned sure didn’t find the pleasure you found with me.”

He lobbed his accusations blindly, but he’d hit his mark. The tightness in his chest eased as he saw the truth she couldn’t hide. He was right, and she knew it. Admitted it to herself, if not to him. That would make her surrender all the sweeter, when she finally came to him.

That would be soon. He’d make sure of it.

Motherhood - Book 3 of the Magic Matched series!

 General release May 17th.

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