Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Snog 226: Wired (#kink #newrelease #sundaysnog)

Happy Sunday! As usual, I’ve got a kiss excerpt for you to enjoy today. This one is short and sweet, from the story “Wired” in my newly released collection of romantic kink, Hearts & Handcuffs.

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I collapsed on his cable-wrapped chest, breathing his odor of sweat and sandalwood. His cock nestled in my dripping pussy, still half-hard. As I pressed my lips to the brown hollow at the base of his throat, I wished, for a moment, that his arms were free so that he could embrace me.

All at once his computer emitted a loud beep.

We both jumped. I laughed and pulled the gag from his mouth. He sputtered a bit.

The backup process,” he said. “It's done.”

Oh. Should I untie you?” Now I felt oddly shy.

Not quite yet.” His eyes gleamed.

I felt it again, the thrill of knowing that it wasn't just my pervy mind directing this scene. He wanted what I had to give. He could have stopped me, at the start or later. I'm strong, but no match for a guy a head taller and forty pounds heavier than I am. He could have escaped, even turned the tables on me.

But he didn't. The thought made me dizzy with delight.

Kiss me, Liz. Please.”

His full mouth beckoned. I didn't see any reason to refuse him.

Thank you,” he said when I finally peeled my lips away from his. The naked gratitude in his voice actually embarrassed me. I clambered off him and started to unwind the cables.

It's just—I've wanted you for so long, Krishna.” I bent to untie his ankles, not wanting him to see my blush.

I wanted you, too. I just couldn't imagine that you'd be interested in—well, that sort of thing.”

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