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The Very Sweetest Thing

Today I have an interview with my fellow author and long time friend Julius.

In The Sweetest Thing, the debut short story collection by Julius Addlesee, the author shares his love of women and sex. There is adoration in every connection, from the man who is fascinated by his next-door neighbor’s breasts, to the woman who revels in discovering the exuberance in a young man’s sexuality. Unlikely couplings range, from a young soldier and an officer’s wife briefly marooned together, to a writer and his fan acting out one of his stories. His characters give in to their desires with sincere affection. 


1. How did you come to write erotica?

I started writing erotica in my late teens. Not for nothing do I term it mental masturbation. When you love writing and love sex - writing erotica is, I suppose, a natural evolution.

2. It's obvious from your stories that you love women. Can you talk about what you find most attractive?

Their differences, they are easier to talk to than men. Mental intimacy can develop within a just few sentences. "Opening up" just happens. Then of course, there are all those delicious naughty bits.

3. What's the hardest thing about writing erotica?

Describing an orgasm, his or hers. We're not truly conscious during an orgasm are we? Describing those moments when time sort of disappears is nigh unto impossible. I can only describe the just-before and the just-after. A bit like a nuclear explosion.

4. You belong to the Erotic Readers and Writers Association. Can you
tell us how you joined and what you enjoyed about belonging to that group?

I joined a dozen or more years ago, can't remember how it came about. I'd been a member about a month and was on line at their site when someone said, "Go turn on the TV!" ...... The towers were falling and the world was about to change, forever. Magic people at ERWA, their critiques transformed my writing. Some might call them pervs - they're the nicest pervs in the world!

5. Does your family know you write erotica and what do they think of your work?

"Yes." he replied with a chuckle. My partner writes too so she approves. #1 son is intrigued and wants a copy of the book. #2 son considers it "All too much information."

6. Who reads your stories when you are working on them?

Just my maiden. But then, she inspired about half of them.

7. How did this collection come about?

At Nan Andrews' suggestion I think. No Nan = No Publishing & No Book.

8. How does it feel to see your work in print?

I can't imagine a greater thrill. It's a tiny bit of immortality really. And a chance to flip the bird to a world that largely still sees sex as unclean.

9. Are you continuing to write erotica? why or why not?

Yes, and I'd like to finish a few of my unfinished stories just in case people fall in love with Volume 1

10. Tell us something about Julius Addlesee.

Just a guy who has a thing about the ladies and those naughty bits and loves to write about them both. A Canadian, ex-pat Brit who still loves the way an English girl says the word "knickers." As for the nom de plume, my maternal grandmother was an Addlesee and a sailing-barge skipper's daughter. I wonder what she called a vagina?


Desire comes in all shapes and sizes. There’s a moment between two people when the spark overcomes circumstances -- between neighbors, co-workers, with that girl in the donut shop, or the woman you already live with -- and to hell with the consequences. The taste, the scent, the feel of skin on skin; it really is the sweetest thing.

Excerpt from “Pussy-holic” by Julius Addlesee

Sonya took off her watch and put it, face down, on the small table at her elbow.
“There, time is on hold.”
She drank three swallows of beer and sensed she had a slight buzz. She’d not eaten since she’d left her apartment.
“Mustn’t get too drunk, anything might happen.”
“Indeed, just about anything.”

“Back to the story?” she asked.

“By all means.” He held out his hand and she passed him the book.
 He read, ‘Maureen knelt astride his lap and reached for the top button on her blouse.’
Sonya took another swallow of beer, put the bottle down and stood up. She turned, knelt astride his lap, her ass on his knees and reached for the top button of her blouse.
Simon licked his lips. He was going to get to see those breasts.
With the last button undone, she opened her blouse and shrugged it off. Her bra was a lacy, white affair. It was low cut and gave her a delightful cleavage. His cock responded. She reached behind her and unfastened the hooks. She slipped the straps of her shoulders and the bra joined her blouse on the sofa beside them.
Her breasts were big and looked delightfully heavy. His hands moved of their own accord, he badly wanted to touch.
“They’re too big,” she said quietly, as if she feared he’d think so too.
“They’re beautiful,” he said with a sincerity that made her close her eyes and smile. The nipples were big and dark. They jutted from their dark surrounds. He thought they begged to be loved.
“Are you a breast man, too?”


“Well, the hero of your tale says he’s a pussy-holic.”

“I guess I’m both. How could I not love those?” he whispered.

She reached down and took his hands and placed them on her breasts. They were so soft, so heavy, their skin like warm silk. He cock was rigid again. Jutting up between them. He circled his palms on her nipples and she moaned, squirming her ass on his lap. He kept his hands moving and she began breathing through her mouth.
He took his hands away and looked. Hers were the biggest nipples he’d seen. Erect now like his cock, they just had to be suckled. He took her right breast in both hands and lowered his head. With his lips round the nipple he sucked gently and teased with his tongue. He felt an awful urge to bite.
About Julius

Julius Addlesee is a retired aviation engineer and writer of smut. He lives in eastern coastal Canada with the love of his life, living, breathing, loving words and women.
This is his first short story collection.
The Sweetest Thing is available for purchase at in both paperback and Kindle ebook editions.


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