Thursday, November 13, 2014

Be The Change You Want to See

The Romance Studio (TRS) is helping author Joseph Morgan (The Originals) and his wife Persia White to raise money to build a well in Ethiopia. Every day, 1,400 kids under the age of five die from water-related illnesses. 
If you want to help them change this, consider donating something to the campaign.
Once you've donated, contact TRS to let them know of your contribution.
Any amount is appreciated.
Authors:  For each donation, you’ll get the same amount in advertising @ TRS, the minimum being a cover or banner ad on our main site ($15 value)
Readers: TRS will select 3 readers to win books from the TRS prize vault, to be mailed before Thanksgiving break.
I just made a donation. I hope you will too!
And while we're talking about giving - check out Sacchi Green's fabulous review of Coming Together Presents Amanda Earl over at Erotica Revealed. All proceeds from sales of this book benefit AIDS charity GMHC. 
Get yourself a copy! You won't be sorry!


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