Thursday, November 4, 2010

Underutilized Erogenous Zones

If you write, or read, erotic romance, you're familiar with the standard ways to turn a guy on. Pick up any explicitly sexual romance and you'll find plenty of attention being paid to the hero's nipples, penis, scrotum, and perineum. Occasionally you'll find an earlobe thrown in for good measure.

However, there are many other sensitive areas on a guy's body. Touch these areas in the right way – nuzzle or lick them, brush a fingertip across the skin or use your warm breath – and you may very well drive him wild (even if he's not werewolf!) Here are a few of my favorites.

Between the fingers

The human hand has more nerve endings than any other part of the body (or so I've heard). The skin between the fingers, though, rarely receives direct stimulation and thus can be exquisitely tender and responsive. Tonguing the inter-digital space will often make him squirm with delight.

The space between the toes works the same way – but fingers are usually cleaner!

Back of the neck

I love to bury my face in the back of my husband's neck. You know the place, where the hair gets sparse and downy. The skin is so soft, and it smells so good... It's my favorite way to wake him up when I want him to pay attention to me.

Belly button

Not every one enjoys navel stimulation, but if you find a man who does, you can turn him on without touching him anywhere else. Circle his belly button with your tongue, then dip inside (assuming he has an “innie”!) Even if your partner's not that sensitive, the belly button is a fun place to stop for a snack on your way down to the main course.

Back of the knees

I'll admit that you're not going to have access to the back of your guy's knees unless he's lying on his back. Maybe you're giving him a massage. Maybe you're tying him up. Whatever you're up to, try brushing your fingertips along the inside of the joint, just barely touching. You might want to keep your hand on one of the more common erogenous zones in order to evaluate his response!

I could go on – but my Saturday guest Lily Harlem will be focusing on another of my favorite zones, and I don't want to steal her thunder.

I'm as guilty as the next author of focusing on the same old body parts in my writing. Next story I write, I'm going to try to work in at least one of the under-utilized erogenous zones I've listed here – and see what happens.

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