Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sex Sells

By Dawne Prochilo (Guest Blogger)

Hello and welcome- this is my first time guest blogging here and I hope you'll enjoy my speech while I'm up on my soapbox (by the way, I am wearing a short black skirt, nylons that encase my toned and very long legs, heels and an oh-so-very-plunging neckline on my lavender silk shirt- all emphasizing my voluptuous figure. My long blonde hair is styled to perfection and hanging just above my ample breasts, make-up applied lightly to enhance my delicate skin and my piercing green eyes are sparkling.) Visuals are great when you're a writer- keeps the audience enthralled and interested.

But I brought you here today to discuss how sex sells. Not about how sexy I look. Not how lustful men's eyes are when they see me crossing my legs. Not how you can picture me straddling...oh, right, back to the topic at hand.

Sex sells- oh, yes it does!

When the recession began years ago, no one could have possibly have known that the lack of influx of money, revenue and loss of household income would spark a new wave of sales. The sales in the romance section of every bookstore started to rise. Even men were buying the books.


Think about it for a moment if you will.

Romance isn't dead...just our pocketbooks are withering away. So we can still love, have sex and read about sex, right? What better way than to buy romance novels?

Woman have enjoyed romance novels and magazines for decades. Men on the other hand have just been introduced to the concept- if you exclude Playboy.

Even the visual part of sex sells. Another think about it moment. Picture a cover of a novel. A sexy woman scantily dressed, lots of skin and a man with the best six-pack abs you've ever seen. Admit it you will pick up that book and the book jacket to see how much sex will be inside the pages.

Or you see a beautiful woman on the cover of a magazine while standing in the check out line. The headline says "How to make love to your man". You will pick it up. The seductive, attractive woman is what you notice first then the article title.

We won't even discuss the aspects of adult magazines here- those are too obvious.

Now after giving you the visuals in my introductory sentence, doesn't it make you wonder what I really look like and how I'm dressed at this very moment? Well, yes, I am a tall blonde, 5 foot 10 to be precise. I love wearing short skirts and revealing clothing with heels. But today I'm sitting in my dining room, wearing a pair of baggy shorts (thanks to 30 pounds of weight loss) and an over sized hoodie. Not very attractive sounding, huh? But the first description I gave is more guaranteed to attract readers.

Bio: Dawne Prochilo is a published ebook author (two romance ebooks at International Agora and two more scheduled for release in early 2011. Room 11 is available through Secret Cravings Publishing starting February 2 and Rachel's Desire is scheduled for release in March through xoxo Publishing.

Dawne began her quest to be a romance author five years ago and recently changed the genre slightly moving towards erotica. Sales are good and she's loving every minute of it.

Follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Also visit her blog and website for more upcoming news and tantalizing tidbits.

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