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An idyll in Lake Louise – #MarriageOfConvenience #Banff #InterracialRomance @BlackbirdMaggie

Lake Louise and mountains

Image by Amir Rasheed from Pixabay

By Maggie Blackbird (Guest Blogger)

I’ve had the chance to visit Lake Louise and Banff a couple of times. As a matter of fact, my first experience with these beautiful places happened during a snow storm in October—on my honeymoon. LOL. So when it came time to send the two main characters, Séamus and Shannon, on a getaway, I couldn’t resist picking Lake Louise and Banff.

Naturally, Shannon’s fascination with the stunning area is the same awe I experienced when first encountering the rugged beauty of the Rockies and its aquamarine lakes. Hailing from northwestern Ontario, I had never seen such colour. Up here, ours are the traditional blue everyone associates with lakes.

Since the mountains in the Thunder Bay area are the very old kind that resemble gigantic hills, nothing prepared me for such enormous mountains. Their majestic beauty blew me away, along with the cute goats that like to hog the road. Mind you, the ram wasn’t impressed by the attraction his ladies were causing with the tourists wanting to take pictures of them. Yes, the wildlife is very friendly. But being from where I am, I didn’t get too close and gave the animals a respectful distance.

Being a walker, I found Banff to be the perfect walking town. We simply parked the truck at the hotel and never touched it until it was time to leave. We walked everywhere, and I even enjoyed late-night walks. People hiked up the mountain, but I passed and opted for the gondola. As tempted as I was to join them, because I saw the movie Grizzly, I wasn’t about to chance encounter a mad bear on the trail LOL. Sure, where I’m from, black bears are pretty common, and some even come up on my deck. They even roam the golf course where I golf. But grizzlies? Um, no way!

While we were dining at a restaurant, lo and behold, an elk walked up to our window to check out what we were eating for dinner. When we first drove in Banff, a moose strolled across the road right in front of us. I was stunned, and made a mental note to be very aware of the wildlife since I’m used to leery animals who hide.

I very much enjoyed writing Séamus and Shannon’s stay in Lake Louise and Banff. Mind you they got to bunk in five-star accommodations while I didn’t, so naturally Shannon was bowled over since not too many of us get the royal treatment.

The Banff and Lake Louise area is the perfect vacation spot. If you ever get the chance to visit, do so. You won’t regret it. There are so many activities for the outdoor person to take in from white water rafting (I wanted to go but the husband didn’t) to mountain trail horseback riding. By the way, if you haven’t been on a horse, prepare yourself to be very sore and stiff once you get out of the saddle after a three-hour trip up the mountain. I could barely move, and I am a very active person who’s exercised my whole life LOL

I hope you enjoy Séamus and Shannon’s story as much as I enjoyed writing their romance.


Her biggest dream’s offered on a platter, but the clincher is, she has to marry a perfect stranger.

When her employer offers the no-nonsense Shannon Nadjiwon the position of chauffeuring Séamus Daugherty, she jumps at the chance. To work for one of Toronto’s most powerful families means she can make her biggest dream of owning a fleet of limos come true, something her female relations tooling away at her Ojibway community want badly for her, and she won’t let them down.

His reckless need for speed cost Séamus Daugherty his license. If he doesn’t marry, as demanded by his overbearing father, he will not only lose his lucrative job with the family business —the only positive aspect in Séamus’ gilded cage life—but everything Daugherty.

The unpretentious and gorgeous Shannon will make the perfect bride, and Séamus is ready to strike a deal with her. One that will ensure he keeps everything he holds dear if she puts a wedding ring on her finger. However, they face three big obstacles: His family, her family, and a marriage neither truly wants, leaving both wondering if the sizzling sexual chemistry and cozy rapport they share is enough to grasp a happily ever after.


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A flight attendant waited on one side of the open plane door. Four steps led up into the interior of the private jet, capable of accommodating nine passengers. They were at Billy Bishop Airport where the Daugherty’s craft was stored. During their drive to the island, Séamus had been unusually quiet for such a chatty man, other than supplying Shannon with information about the plane. Furthermore, his silence had aroused her suspicion, and it prickled at the back of her neck.

As the driver, she should be overseeing the luggage, but a man had come out from the hangar and had begun rifling through the Audi’s trunk.

This way.” Séamus extended his hand. “Have you flown before?”

Shannon nodded. “Yes…but not on a private plane.”

Jet, not plane.” Séamus indicated for Shannon to go first.

Here went nothing. She edged her way to the four stairs and put her foot on the first step. The scent of fresh leather wafted from the interior. When she entered, pure luxury enveloped her. No wonder she’d smelled leather because the fabric was everywhere. A rich beige color invited her to sink into the lavish seats, but she stood at attention, not daring to sit.

Séamus popped in behind her. “I allowed you in before me so you could have first choice. Take your pick.” The droll was back in his voice.

My apologies, but I’m used to taking orders. This’ll be a hard habit to break.” A tinge of heat flecked Shannon’s ears.

I see…” Séamus plopped in the first seat hidden behind the partition. He swiveled the chair back and forth. “Join me.” He pointed at the chair opposite him.

Shannon sank into the fine material. The fabric swallowed her, reminiscent of being wrapped tight as a baby in a cotton blanket.

The seat suits you.” Séamus’ elbow rested on the wide armrest. His index finger was set on his slightly broad chin. He possessed the same look Keemooch did when the cat was about to purr. “This is the first time I’ve witnessed you content.”

Maybe because I feel like I did as a child.”

Really?” He crossed his leg over the other, still wearing the same suit from this morning. “Tell me.”

In the old days, we used cradleboards, but Mom, being from a newer generation, didn’t. She kept with tradition, though, and wrapped us tight in our blankets.”

Our? You have siblings then?” He arched his brow, something he did quite often if curious, Shannon noted.

A brother and sister.”

Older? Younger?” He bared his gleaming white teeth, a smile Shannon hadn’t caught a peek at this morning because he’d kept his lips sealed.

This man’s curiosity never ceased. She’d better get used to playing twenty questions all weekend. “Older. My sister. Brother. Then me.”

May I ask something else?”

He’d been asking all day. “Sure.”

The redheaded flight attendant approached them. “Everything’s ready. After take-off, I’ll see to getting you your drink.”

My driver, too.” Séamus rested his attention on Shannon. “What would you like?”

Shannon shook her head. “I’ll be behind the wheel once we land. No alcohol for me.”

A soda, perhaps?”

A cola. Please.” She gazed at the attendant.

Of course.” The attendant’s tone was a smidgen cooler. She pivoted and strode to the back of the plane.

Shannon wasn’t surprised she’d received the nose-in-the-air treatment. She was a minion just like the attendant, nothing more than a duffel bag accompanying the five-star luggage.

Were your accommodations adequate?” Séamus kept the chair swiveled.

Thank goodness the aisle allowed enough room so their knees didn’t touch. “Very adequate.” Shannon glanced toward the cockpit where noise came from. Perhaps the pilot or pilots had come on board, or maybe they’d always been present. She wasn’t sure because of the partition.

The intercom dinged. A male voice announced their departure.

I guess we’d best buckle up.” Séamus’ long fingers grasped each end of the seatbelt. There was grace to the way he secured himself in the chair, an easy movement likened to running a feather up and down Shannon’s skin.

Chill-filled tingles spread across her flesh. She fumbled for the buckles. The engine had started. She’d best fasten her seatbelt because they’d be taxiing quickly. Of course, it was improper to ask where they were going. As for appropriate clothing, she’d passed and had only packed casual wear for inside the hotel room and a spare uniform for taking Séamus to his social destinations.

From beneath her lashes, she stole a peek at him carefully watching her with the same scrutiny as Mishoomis when he was hunting and had sighted a deer in the scope of his rifle. Right about now she could use a cola because her mouth was beginning to morph into a desert.



About the Author

An Ojibway from Northwestern Ontario, Maggie resides in the country with her husband and their fur babies, two beautiful Alaskan Malamutes.  When she’s not writing, she can be found pulling weeds in the flower beds, mowing the huge lawn, walking the Mals deep in the bush, teeing up a ball at the golf course, fishing in the boat for walleye, or sitting on the deck at her sister’s house, making more wonderful memories with the people she loves most.

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