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Saturday Spanks: Santa, Baby! #SaturdaySpanks #HolidayErotica #NewRelease

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Season’s Greetings!

For today’s Saturday Spanks, I thought I’d share a bit from my new holiday erotica title, Santa, Baby!

There’s only one spanking in this sizzling 12,000 word story – but it’s a good one!


This Christmas, Santa discovers it’s nice to be naughty!

Recent university grad Matt Glaser may not have the Santa Claus beard or belly, but when it comes to earning extra holiday cash, it's a case of 'ho ho ho, let's start the show'—he loves his red suit like a reindeer loves carrots. This potential client, though—classy, curvy Eleanor Danforth—seems more interested in checking out his butt than his references. And two grand for a private party? Oy vey, Prancer, something's not kosher about this particular Vixen. She's not one to be denied, though. When the interview takes a carnal turn, he finds he’s unexpectedly eager to satisfy the demanding older woman.

Wearing the provocative costume supplied by his employer, Matt arrives at the Danforths’ swanky apartment to discover he’s been cast as the emcee for Eleanor’s intimate gathering. His duties include managing a pair of scantily-clad blond elves, distributing decadent treats to guests who’ve been good, and meting out punishments to the naughty. Meanwhile, the mistress of the house has a Christmas gift especially for him—one made of silicon and leather straps, which requires plenty of lube. Ho ho ho, Matt! It's going to be a very merry Christmas indeed.


When the elf was finally quiet, I turned her head so I could gaze into her sparkling blue eyes. “So, little girl,” I said, making my voice deeper without thinking about it. “Have you been good this year?”

The script came easily, the lines I’d used in year after year of Christmas gigs. I fell into the part, a sense of my own benevolence spreading through me.

Yes, Santa. I’ve been very good.” She grinned and squirmed against my rigid cock, fully aware of the effects this produced.

Hmm.” I stroked my beard theatrically. “I’m not sure I believe you, little girl. Are you sure you haven’t been naughty?”

No…no, Santa, I’ve been good.”

You haven’t done anything…dirty? Like touching yourself?”

Um…uh, no…”

Or letting someone else touch you? Have you let those nasty boys see your panties?”

I don’t usually wear panties, Santa.”

Oh, my! That’s very naughty.”

But panties aren’t comfortable… and if I wear them, my girlfriend—oh! I didn’t mean that…”

Your girlfriend! Does she touch you?” I adopted a stern tone. Images of the two women having sex in the kitchen ran through my mind.

Betsy looked slightly panicked. “Only sometimes… only a little…and it feels so good…”

Naughty!” I thundered. “Definitely naughty. No present for you.”

But Santa…”

The eyes of Eleanor’s guests were all glued to the tableau in Santa’s chair. Henry, Jane, Delilah, the other guys, all seemed to be holding their breath.

You deserve to be punished. A good hard spanking is what you need.” I couldn’t believe what I was saying. I’d never spanked anyone in his life, had never thought about it. Now, though, my dick surged at the idea of raining blows on this minx’s bare ass.

No. No…!” Betsy wailed.

Take your spanking like a good girl,” I murmured in her ear, soft enough that only she could hear. “Then maybe I’ll give you a present.”

She sniffled.

Over my knee, little girl,” I said, in a louder voice. “Now.”

Betsy climbed off his knees. With surprising meekness, she rearranged herself so that she was face down, her hips resting on my thighs and her rear in easy reach of my hand. The chair was large enough that she could fold her arms on the cushion beside me, and rest her head.

I flipped up her tiny skirt, exposing her beautifully rounded ass. “Are you ready?”

Yes, Santa.” Her voice was unsteady.

I raised his arm. Did I dare? The white skin beckoned. I brought my palm down in a ferocious slap on her left cheek.


The skin darkened and grew pink at the point of impact. My swollen dick pulsed.

Slap! My next stroke landed on her right cheek. She jerked, but didn’t cry out this time.

Slap! Slap! With each blow, I became more excited. Still, I felt in complete control, connected with the girl on my lap. Betsy moaned, but as I continued to spank her, I noted the pussy juice coating her inner thighs. This was turning her on.

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