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New Gay Romance from @JPBowie - #MMRomance #Cowboys #Horses

Vetting the Cowboy cover

Vetting the Cowboy

Hot in the Saddle is a new series set in a dude ranch in California. It features some of the characters from my earlier cowboy series Ride ’em Cowboy plus a variety of new hot men who live and love the cowboy way.

When Mike Henry, the new veterinarian in town, meets cowboy Seth Archer, it could be good times ahead—but Mike’s ex isn’t about to let him go without a fight.

Seth Archer, working cowboy on a dude ranch in Northern California, is thrown for a loop when he meets Mike Henry, the new veterinarian in town. The five-foot-eight bespectacled Mike isn’t Seth’s type, but the blue eyes behind the glasses are something Seth can’t seem to get past or forget.

Mike’s on the run. Well, not exactly, but he left Seattle to get away from Victor Torrens, a dominating boyfriend who turned abusive when Mike told him he wouldn’t be his submissive. Mike hasn’t worked with horses before, but it’s not long before his natural love of animals—and cowboys—makes him decide to call the small town of Denton home.

Seth and Mike bond, but their love affair might just be doomed before it truly begins when Victor sends Alex Brand, a celebrity bodyguard, to strongarm Mike back to Seattle.

In order to protect Seth and his new friends from Alex’s big fists, Mike may be forced to make a decision he’ll regret for the rest of his life.


Seth brings in one of the horses he’s seen limping. Parker Jones, the co-owner of the Seven Plus Ranch tells him to call the local veterinarian…

Where’s the doc, d’you suppose?” Seth asked.

Give him another call,” Bob said.

Right.” He punched in Walker’s number and was diverted to his receptionist, Trish. “Oh, hi. Just wondering how much longer the doc’s gonna be. This is Seth over at the Seven Plus.”

He got delayed over at the Armitage place, Seth. He sent his new assistant, Doctor Henry instead. He should’ve been there by now. He must’ve got lost or something. He’s new to the area, only been here a couple of weeks or so. I’ll call him and see what’s going on.”

Thanks. Let me know if there’s a problem.”
Will do.” Trish hung up and almost as soon as she had, Seth heard a car pull up in the parking area near the stable.

He stepped outside and watched as a young man flung himself out of a Toyota Camry. Whoa, when did they start making vets like this one? Is he even old enough to be a vet? He had curly brown hair and was wearing a loose white shirt and skinny jeans. As he hurried toward the stable he kept pushing his black-framed glasses back up over the bridge of his nose. He suddenly stopped in his tracks, muttered something under his breath then headed back to the car. He pulled a bag from inside then practically ran toward the stable door.

Sorry,” he yelled on seeing Seth. “I got completely turned around trying to get here. Guess I’m going to have to get a car with a GPS when I turn this rental back in.” He held out a hand. “Doctor Mike Henry, and you are?”

Seth Archer.” Seth took the outstretched hand and shook it.

Doctor Walker said to ask for Mr. Jones.”

Parker, our boss. I’ll call him now you’re here.” He fisted his cell phone and called Parker. “Hey Boss, the vet’s here, only it’s not Doctor Walker, it’s a Doctor Henry.”

Okay, Seth, I’ll be right there.”

The doctor’s blue eyes peered at Seth though his glasses. “Uh, you can call me Mike…less formal, really. So, where’s the patient?”

That would be Bonney, right here,” Seth said indicating the brown mare.

Oh…she’s a beauty.” Mike hesitated. “Uh, have to admit, I don’t know much about horses. This’ll be a first for me.” He pushed his glasses back in place as he stared at Bonney.

Well, she’s as gentle as a lamb,” Seth remarked, wondering why Doc Walker had sent someone unfamiliar with horses. Parker isn’t gonna be pleased. He had to admit though that the guy was cute as a button. That curly hair, and those big blue eyes behind his glasses were a real turn on. Wonder if he’s gay

Okay. I see you have the front hoof covered. Is that where the problem is?”

Yeah. Parker figures it’s an abscess.”

Right, well if you could just lift her hoof so I can take a look.”

Sure.” Bonney whinnied softly as Seth knelt and balanced her foreleg on his knee. He removed the pad covering her hoof and Mike knelt beside Seth to start his examination.

Huh,” Mike murmured. “Mr. Jones is correct. That’s an abscess all right. Needs draining right away.” His glasses slipped down his nose as he peered at the inflammation and Seth had to smile as Mike pushed them back up with his forefinger.


Your glasses. Think they might need a little tightening.”

Mike chuckled. “Oh yeah, I meant to go visit the optometrist before I left Seattle, just didn’t get to it with the rush to get here.” He grinned at Seth then bent his head to take another look at Bonney’s hoof. Seth gazed at Mike’s curly hair. It wasn’t brown as he’d first thought now he was this close, more a kind of chestnut maybe, and there were lighter colored wisps intermingled with the curls. Was that natural or did a hairdresser have something to do with the highlights? He studied the backs of Mike’s ears and the way his hair curled around them. He wondered what kind of shampoo Mike used, it smelled real nice…

Doctor Henry?”

Parker’s voice from behind them made Mike and Seth jump at the same time. Their heads collided and Mike’s glasses flew off his face.

Shit, I’m sorry,” Seth gasped as Mike groped around in the straw.

No worries,” Mike mumbled. “I got ’em.” He rammed them back on and stood up. After carefully lowering Bonney’s hoof to the floor Seth followed Mike out of the stall. Parker was staring at them with an amused smile on his face.

Uh, Mr. Jones.” Mike wiped his hands off on his jeans then held one out in greeting. “Doctor Mike Henry. Sorry about that back there.”

No problem, for me, anyway.” Parker laughed softly. “You guys might have bruised heads to deal with though.”

Mike touched his forehead. “It’s fine…glasses too. So, Mr. Jones…”

Call me Parker.”

Uh, yes…Parker. Your diagnosis is correct, and with your permission I’d like to get started on the treatment right away before the infection spreads.”

Vetting the Cowboy is available now!

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My thanks to Lisabet for featuring my new series. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season!

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