Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Sign Up for Charity Sunday!

This Sunday, August 25th, is Charity Sunday!

For the first time, this will be a multi-author event. If you’d like to participate, you can sign up on the list below.

Here’s how it works:

1. Create and schedule your Charity Sunday blog post for this coming Sunday. Copy the link for your post to the clipboard.

2. Click on “Click to enter” below, and fill in the form that appears. You will need to paste in your blog post link, plus provide a title, your name and your email address. I suggest you use a title like “Charity Sunday: [charity name]”, but this is up to you.

3. Click the “Enter your link” button on the form to record your link.

4. Return to this post and click on the link labeled “Get the code here”. Copy the version of the code that is appropriate for your blog host (Blogger is different from free Wordpress) and paste this into your post near the bottom. (You will probably have to switch your post editor to the HTML pane.)

Now the links to everyone participating in the Charity Sunday blog hop will appear on your post. Furthermore, these links will be updated as new people add their links to the list.

The cross-posting of links should increase traffic not only to your blog, but to everyone else’s too!

If you need help, email me at lisabet [at] lisabetsarai [dot] com, and I’ll hold your hand!

See you on Sunday!

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