Sunday, August 4, 2019

Halfway through.... #Romance #Prizes #FreeStories

Free Reading Fest Banner

I hope you’ve been enjoying the free stories I’ve been posting over the past weeks. If not... why not go back to the first story, on July 22nd, and read them all?

I’ve got stories every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, up until the 12th of August. Every comment on these story posts counts as an entry in my Free Reading Fest giveaway. You could win:

1st prize - $10 bookstore gift certificate
2nd prize - $5 bookstore gift certificate
3rd prize – your choice of any two ebooks from my indie backlist
4th prize – your choice of any single ebook from my indie backlist

The more stories you read and the more comments you offer, the higher your chances of winning!

I hope you’ll join the fun! It’s all happening at Beyond Romance:

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Karinski said...

I have enjoyed them all; thank you for all the chances

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