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Saturday Spanks: Like Riding a Bicycle -- #bdsm #dominance #SaturdaySpanks

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Hey, everyone!

I’ve got another Saturday Spanks excerpt for you today. This one comes from one of my favorite short stories, “Like Riding a Bicycle”,  in D&S Duos 4. It’s about a married couple who had a kinky relationship early on, before careers and kids and age got in the way. Can they recapture the magic?


I'm brusque as I slip the blindfold over her tangled curls. I fasten a pair of cuffs around her ankles. "Hands down by your sides." When she obeys, I cuff her wrists and clip her corresponding hands and feet together. "Too tight?"

"No, it's fine, sir."

I pinch her butt, leaving a pair of livid marks on her pale skin. "Fine? I think maybe you're enjoying this too much." When I dabble my fingers in her soaked cunt, her muscles clench around me. I smack her butt with my other hand and she actually giggles.

"Oh, you're in trouble now, missy," I tell her, trying hard not to laugh myself. She winces when she hears the drawer open and the burp of the lube spurting into my hand. "Yes, that's right. I'm going to skewer your ass with a plug the size of Texas and then I'm going to whip you till you bleed. You won't be able to sit down for a week."

I proceed to make good on the first part of my threat, slathering the bulging purple device with slippery gel. It's about two inches in diameter at its widest point. I know that Mariah can take more—I buggered her with a bedpost once—but that was a long time ago. I rub the tapered end back and forth across her anus, working to relax her muscles. Then I push and twist at the same time.

"Aye!" she screams, as the fat bulb breaches her sphincter and settles into her rectum. "Ow!"

I don't wait for her to get used to the sensation. Grabbing the singletail, I swing it once or twice, trying to get used to the heft. All at once I'm consumed with doubt. What if I really hurt her? An incompetent whipping could do serious damage.

I slash the thong through the air once more and slam it down on the bed next to her bare feet. Her toes curl as the force is transmitted through the mattress. I'm not sure I can really control where the stroke lands. The whip whistles and cracks above her head—threatening but ultimately harmless.

The pause becomes uncomfortable. I've lost the rhythm of the scene.

"Sir?" Mariah sounds tentative, questing. "Is something wrong?"

Anger and disappointment rise together. "What? Why do you ask, girl?" I growl. Tears actually prick my eyes, me, the big bad Dom. I should have known you can't bring back the past. But it seemed, for a while, like it actually might be possible to recapture the magic. It felt so very right...

"Well, you said you were going to flog me, sir." Mariah's alto voice is strong and confident. She's not afraid to tell me, in her sub code, what she wants. She at least has no doubts.

"Are you trying to tell me what to do?" I roar. "Are you topping from below?"

"Of course not, sir. It's up to you. You should do whatever pleases you." She sighs. The plug in her ass twitches. "I'm yours, sir—yours completely."

It's scene-speak, I know. Mariah would never talk like this in ordinary life. Still, it touches me, because I realize she means it. She trusts me—still—to do what's right for us, to take her where she needs to go.

I raise my arm, suddenly strong. The whip swishes through the air, snaps and makes a perfect landing on her right cheek. A bright red line stitches across her creamy flesh. My cock throbs in response to her pitiful wail. Taking a deep breath, I land a powerful stroke on her other globe and survey its reddening wake.

Mariah chokes back her cry of pain.

"Are you all right, Mariah? Is it too much?"

"No, sir," she whispers. "Not at all."

She wants this. She wants me to whip her, to push her to the limit and beyond. I bring the singletail down hard on her quivering flesh. She moans and jerks in her bonds as I paint her ass with a brilliant lattice of scarlet stripes.

I slash at her with the whip, again and again, focused and untiring. I'm in control now. I can see exactly where each stroke will land. Every so often I snap the tip against the base of the plug, making it vibrate inside her. Mariah yells and thrashes about on the bed. I don't need to ask how she is. I can sense it. She's here with me, deep in the moment, giving her all.

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