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A sexy, spine-tingling treat – only 99 cents! #paranormal #ERWA #99cents

Unearthly Delights cover
A ripple in the air. Invisible fingers caress your skin. Ancient magic kindles insatiable lust.

Supernatural powers thrill the senses and expose secret obsessions.
ERWA is proud to present this exciting collection of eight intense, arousing stories that shatter the stereotypes of genre, delivering a fresh and compelling take on paranormal sexual experience.

A woman seeks ecstatic oblivion in the arms of an incubus. History repeats itself as ghostly lovers seduce through vivid dreams. An ancient collection of obscenely decorated lamps redefines the joy of possession.

Featuring Selena Kitts stunning masterpiece,The Velvet Choker, Unearthly Delights brings together some of the best storytellers in this worldor the next. Its a sexy, spine-tingling treat.

The fantastic (literally) first volume of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association is on sale for only 99 cents, from now through this Saturday. Grab your copy before the price goes back up!

  • Foreword – Bob Buckley
  • Night Visits – Delores Swallows
  • Imagine – Belinda LaPage
  • The Rasputin Collection – Daddy X
  • The Velvet Choker – Selena Kitt
  • The Lesson of History – Ian D. Smith
  • A Ripple in the Air – Jean Roberta
  • Mystic Force – Mary Ramsey
  • Underground – Lisabet Sarai

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Excerpt - from “Night Visits” by Delores Swallows

Lisa headed up to bed as soon as they got back and felt the now-familiar chill at the top of the stairs. She shook her head, not sure what she’d do if the new windows didn’t cure the draught. She closed the blind and turned on the small bedside lamps, pleased with how cosy the bedroom looked. As Andrew came upstairs, she took off her blouse. She was facing the bed when he approached from behind. His hands slid up her legs and under her skirt; they gripped the waistband of her panties and pulled them down.

She sighed. “Don’t even think about it.”

Andrew dropped to his knees and rolled the panties all the way down to her ankles, pulling them over her feet one at a time. Then he pushed her feet apart and bent her forwards until her hands rested on the bed.

Lisa laughed. “Hey, I hope you’re not really expecting—”

He bent his knees and pushed into her in one fluid movement, making her yelp. He was incredibly hard again, and his entry had been painful.

Andrew, stop treating me like—”

He reached round and pinched her nipples through her bra, causing her to cry out again. His hands moved to her hips, his fingers digging in while he pounded her from behind, each thrust going deep and hurting her.

Stop pushing in so far…What happened to foreplay?”

Andrew reached round and placed his fingers on either side of her clit, tracing circles around her quickly-swelling nub.

Lisa let out a sigh as he continued his assault from behind. Something about living here was having an effect on his manhood. She’d never felt so filled before—he seemed longer and thicker that she could ever remember. A moan escaped her lips, which provoked him to fuck her even harder.

Ow! Andrew, slow down and let me…catch…”

She lost the will to argue as he maintained the long, deep thrusts with his cock, his fingers moving faster around her clit, sending her tumbling into an orgasm.

Oh God. Oh fuck. Oh…” Her legs began to shake; she could no longer hold herself up on her arms. The force of his thrusts pushed her over onto the bed, and he followed her down, banging her from behind, pressing down on her back.

Hey—hey! Let me turn over.”

As he pulled out, she rolled onto her back and spread her legs. He immediately re-entered and started fucking her with long, slow thrusts.

Ooh, that’s better. Fuck me like this for a while.”

Andrew’s eyes were closed. She ran her hands over his arms and shoulders. He must have stripped on the landing, because he was completely naked. Lisa closed her eyes, concentrating on the sensations emanating from her core and spreading throughout. Her body seemed to be reacting to the thickness and length of his cock.

I’m going to come again. Can you come with me?” She opened her eyes and stroked his face. “See if you can come at the same time. I want us to—”

The words stuck in her throat. A coldness seized her. Her husband was looking down at her, but the eyes she stared into were not Andrew’s. These were dark, almost black. Lisa wanted to scream and push him off, but her body betrayed her. To her utter embarrassment, the second orgasm surged through her, making her entire body shudder. Her toes curled, her eyes closed and worst of all, she let out long whimper of pleasure. Keeping her eyes closed, she rode out the storm coursing through her.

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