Monday, September 3, 2018

Two Free Erotic Romance Novels @Apky11162 #freebooks #newrelease #EroticRomance

Happy Monday!

Just popping in to share the news that my friend and colleague A P von K’Ory has dropped the price of the first two books in her Golden Shana series to zero, to celebrate the launch of the third volume, The Untouchable.

You can download both books to your Kindle here:

My review of Golden Shana: The Chase is here and Golden Shana:The Capture, here. Don’t miss your chance to read this original and dramatic erotic romance – at zero risk.

Meanwhile, I am eager to read the third installment of Roman’s and Shana’s story, available now:

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apky said...

Thanks so much for the extra attention thrown my way, Lisabet.
Truly appreciated. I hope your readers won't be disappointed by the reads.

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