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Lusty Listening - #AudioBooks #FreeBooks #WordWooze

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In our hectic world, it’s sometimes hard to find time to read the books you crave. Fortunately, more and more titles are becoming available in audio format. Now you can listen to the very best titles, including erotic romance and erotica, while you drive, exercise, or do the housework. Or you can lie in bed after a tough day, put on your earphones, close your eyes, and let the narrator transport you to new worlds. No need to tire yourself flipping pages!

Amazon ACX has made it possible for indie authors (like me) to put out high quality audio versions of their work, and reach new “readers”. I’ve teamed up with WordWooze Publishing to make my favorite stories available to those of you who’d rather use your ears than your eyes to enjoy top quality erotic fiction.

Currently I have four titles available. You can get any one of them for free if you sign up for an Audible membership.

The Gazillionaire and the Virgin
An Atypical BDSM Erotic Romance

When Silicon Valley entrepreneur Rachel Zelinsky meets reclusive genius Theo Moore, she finds him strangely compelling. Theo is both arrogant and socially awkward, but he has an aura of power that speaks to Rachel's carefully-hidden submissive side. Disturbed and aroused, she tries to focus on her original objective -- a deal to incorporate his Artificial Intelligence software into her company's popular virtual world. Rachel's not a woman that lets pleasure interfere with business, but for some reason, she can't resist Theo's geeky appeal.

Theo Moore can't be bought. His past battles with poverty make him deeply suspicious of the billionaire CEO. Still, with her voluptuous curves and brilliant mind, Rachel embodies his ultimate sexual fantasy. Too bad his knowledge about sex derives from extensive research and a stash of kinky porn rather than real-world experience.

That doesn't bother Rachel, however. In his bed - in his arms - in his bonds - she discovers the bliss of total surrender. Rachel may be Theo's first lover, but Theo is Rachel's first true Master - and the first man to truly touch her heart. It seems that love may harmonize their differing goals and values, until Rachel's unwitting violation of Theo's trust threatens to tear them apart forever.

Damned If You Do
A BDSM Dance with the Devil

Wendy Dennison is tired of being a starving author. The royalties from her critically acclaimed romance novels barely pay her bills. Her devoted agent, Daniel Rochester, may be smart and sexy, but he can't get her the sales she needs. Then, a charismatic stranger appears at her coffee shop table, promising her fame and commercial success, as well as the chance to live out her dreams of erotic submission. But at what cost?

Nothing you can't afford to lose, my dear.

Seduced by the enigmatic Mister B, she signs his infernal contract. He becomes both her master and her coach, managing her suddenly flourishing career as well as encouraging her lusts. Under her mentor's nefarious influence, she surrenders to temptation and has sex with Daniel. The casual encounter turns serious when she discovers her mild-mannered agent has a dominant side. As the clock ticks down to her blockbuster release and Mister B prepares to claim her soul, Wendy must choose either celebrity and wealth, or obscurity and true love.

Bangkok Noir
A BDSM Thriller

Diana Fanning, aka the Professor, runs The Academy, the only genuine BDSM bar in Bangkok. She's the first person police colonel Apichat Weeranwongsakul consults when a bar girl turns up brutally murdered, tightly bound, with clamped nipples and every orifice stuffed with sex toys. The colonel figures the killer might be one of her customers. But he has his own secrets. He needs Diana to satisfy his shameful dreams of being beaten and abused. Meanwhile, a mysterious American named Sam stalks Nok, the lovely natural dominant who is the Professor's star performer. Nok is used to being the one in charge. She can't understand why she craves the discipline Sam administers.

As more women are slaughtered, always in kinky circumstances, the Professor finds herself in an exclusive world catering to the perversions of Bangkok's wealthy and well-connected. Simultaneously looking for evidence and satisfying her own lusts, she doesn't realize until too late that the power she's used to wielding won't save her from becoming the serial murderer's next victim.

An Erotic Murder Mystery

Sex, blood, and betrayal: it's all in a day's work.

Stella is just minding her own business and having a bit of fun, working as an exotic dancer at the Peacock Lounge. Through no fault of her own, she witnesses a double murder and gets pulled into a shady dance of deceit with political bigwigs, mob bosses, dirty cops, and scheming widows. Now she's everyone's target; her only chance is to sift through the lies and expose the truth.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this offer.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for audio versions of The Witches of Gloucester (FFF fantasy romance) and Hot Brides in Vegas (light-hearted erotica), coming soon!

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