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Sizzling Sunday - Exclusive excerpt and giveaway! #newrelease #giveaway #erotica @Archer_Larry

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Welcome to a very special Sizzling Sunday, dedicated to my hot new release More Brides in Vegas! I’ve got an exclusive X-rated excerpt for you today, not available anywhere else. I’ve also got a contest.

Leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts about the excerpt and I’ll enter you in a random drawing to win a $10 bookstore gift certificate. A runner up will receive a free ebook copy of Hot Brides in Vegas, the first book in the Vegas Babes series.

Here’s the blurb:

Tying the knot — with no strings attached!

Who can resist love at first sight? The minute Ted saw Annie shedding her clothes on stage at The Foxs Den, he fell head over heels for the petite, busty redhead. She had to make the first move, though, dragging him into an impromptu orgy in the Dens VIP suite, along with technically-virgin bride Francesca, secret slut Laura, and hot black mama Chantal.

Now Annie and Ted are getting married, and theyve invited all their friends from that wild Amateur Night to the party. Taking over a vintage eighties motel with a courtyard and pool for their private function, the bride and groom expect a certain amount of carnal excess. Still, nobodys prepared for the sexual free-for-all that breaks loose, involving not only the gals from the Den but also Annies rock star brother, Teds MILF mother, Chantals new slave girl, a lascivious hippie couple, a susceptible priest, the butch hotel manager, and an entire Scottish rugby team. As the wedding guests act out their secret fantasies, they push the limits of both lust and love. Finally arriving at the altar, after an exhausting, arousing twenty four hours, Annie and Ted realize that tying the knot doesn’t have to mean tying themselves down.

And here’s the excerpt. This is from relatively early in the book—before things really start to heat up!

Jake released the hand truck long enough to pull a handkerchief from his jeans pocket and mop his forehead. The speakers were heavy and the sun was brutal, even this late in the afternoon. He wheeled his load through the lobby, nodding to the attractive short-haired woman behind the hotel desk as he passed.

She flashed him a brilliant smile. “Your friends are all out by the pool. Relaxing.” Something about her tone made his cock stir in his pants. Had the party already started?

Thanks.” Halfway along the corridor to the courtyard, he glanced back over his shoulder at the hotel employee. She was still watching him, wearing a self-satisfied grin. What did she know that he didn’t?

Well, well! And who are you, young man?”

Jake turned to find himself confronting a busty brunette clad in bright red. Her eyes glittered almost as brightly as her jewelry as she gave him a distinctly predatory once-over. Her plunging neckline made it pretty impossible to ignore her luscious tits, while her brief skirt bared a tantalizing length of toned thigh. The crotch of his jeans grew tighter than ever.

Um—ah—I’m Jake.” He found it difficult to form a coherent sentence, with all the blood racing to his cock.

Oh, Teddie’s best man?” She laid an impeccably manicured hand on his arm. “He didn’t tell me you were so handsome.” Her fingers wandered up and down, palpating his biceps. “Or so strong!”

You—uh—you know Ted?” Duh. Of course she did, or she wouldn’t have mentioned him. She must be one of the wedding guests.

The siren giggled and batted her eyelashes. “I’m Ted’s mother. Though I guess you might not believe I was old enough to have a son who’s twenty eight.”

I—um—well, you…” Jake’s voice trailed off as the woman uncurled his fingers from the hand truck and moved them to cradle her breasts. He moaned, seemingly unable to resist. Without conscious volition, he massaged her mammaries through the supple fabric of her dress.

That’s right,” she encouraged him. “Take a good feel. They’re one hundred percent natural, almost as firm and bouncy as a teen’s.”

Jake couldn’t testify to their firmness, but they were deliciously soft and pillowy. His thumbs found her nipples, which were like pencil erasers, pushing out the scarlet material that hid them from his view. Instinct taking over, he flicked at the nubs. Both they and his aching cock hardened further.

Mmm. Oh, that’s so nice, Jake.” She wriggled a bit. “You’re making me wet. And I’ll bet you’re hard, aren’t you?” Without the least shyness, she cupped his groin and squeezed.

Jake groaned at the unexpected stimulation.

But I can help you with that,” she continued, dropping to her knees in the middle of the public corridor and tugging at his zipper.

Wait—no, we can’t— Mrs. Thomas, please—oh!” He choked back a cry as the bouffant bombshell swallowed him to the root. Her agile tongue danced along his shaft, teasing, before she turned on the industrial-level suction. Jake didn’t have a chance. It took no more than thirty seconds for her to bring him to a boil. With a strangled yell, he let go, pouring his jizz into the lady’s eager mouth.

She gulped down his cum with unbelievable enthusiasm. Even his orally fixated Franny, who loved to suck him off, didn’t drink his juice with this much hunger. The sensation of her throat working around his cock to coax out every drop made him spurt again.

Finally, he had no more to give her. He leaned on the hand truck, gasping. She tucked his penis back into his pants, then rose to her feet, surprisingly nimble on her four inch heels.

There, isn’t that better?” With a melting smile, she adjusted her dress; one of her tits had slipped out during the heat of their clinch.

Jake could only nod, struck dumb by the events of the last five minutes.

Sorry we can’t do anything more right now—I’ve got to go placate my son. I gather he’s annoyed with me. But I hope you’ll save something for me at the party tonight.”

Um…sure…sure thing, Mrs. Thomas.”

She strutted down the side corridor toward the internal guest room doors, her unfettered breasts bouncing with each step.

Jake shook his head, as if to clear away the remnants of a dream. Had that really happened?

Would it happen again?

And what would Franny say?

~ ~ ~ ~

Get yourself a copy of this fun, arousing read today!

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Hi Lisabet - Very sexy excerpt. I'll make sure to pick up a copy.
My inner picky-bastard wondered if there was a missing word (by) from this sentence (after 'dumb'): Jake could only nod, struck dumb the events of the last five minutes.

Reviews By Crystal said...

HOT! Incredibly HOT! I would love to read more

Debby said...

Very nice. I can read that again. HOt Hot

Lisabet Sarai said...

Darn it, Delores! I should have you read my stuff BEFORE I publish it. Thanks for dropping by.

Crystal, great to see you here!

And Debby, it's always a pleasure!

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Colleen C. said...

Well that was a hot introduction... enjoyed the snippet!

H.B. said...

Sounds great. Thank you for the excerpt!
humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

Fiona McGier said...

Everything about this book is super-hot, and your books are always erotic masterpieces! What fun to read all of the excerpts!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Congratulations to Debby, who won the gift certificate, and Fiona, who gets the free book!

Thanks for joining in the fun!

Larry Archer said...

Great story and I really enjoyed it. If you're looking for sex in a story, this one has it in spades!

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