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Saturday Spanks: More Brides in Vegas - #SaturdaySpanks #RolePlaying #Discount

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I haven’t written much BDSM lately. My last book in that sub-genre was Damned If You Do. However, my most recent release, More Brides in Vegas, does include a bit of playful dominance and submission, including a couple of spanking scenes.

In this excerpt, Laura has just admitted to her husband Steve that she has been fantasizing about the bride’s brother Rod. Without really planning it, they fall into a hot role playing scene.

Sliding off the bed, he went to sit in the chair near the balcony door. His sudden movement alarmed her.

Where are you going? I’m sorry, Steve. Please, please forgive me…” Tears streaked her cheeks now, her carefully applied make-up a total loss.

I’ll forgive you, slut. After I punish you.”


Come here, my slut.” He hoped the possessive would reassure her. “Lie across my lap.”

Though she followed his orders, he sensed her tension in the awkwardness of her limbs.

Relax, girl.” He stroked her bare bottom. He was going to enjoy this.

But, Steve, I’ve never—”

Rod,” he said. “My name is Rod.”

Laura released an inarticulate moan.

First I am going to spank you,” he told her. “Then I’m going to fuck you within an inch of your life!”

He raised his palm above her lovely white buttocks, then brought it down hard on the left cheek.


A pink patch glowed where his skin had made contact. He slapped her again, this time on the right.

Oh! Oh, God!”

Are you all right, slut?”

Um—yes. Yes, Rod.” He could practically hear the lust vibrating in her voice. He dabbled a finger in her pussy. It came out soaking wet.

If you can’t bear it, say the word ‘Cut’. Understand?”

Yes, yes…” She sucked a breath into her lungs, then settled herself more comfortably on his lap. “Now won’t you get on with it?”

Steve grinned. He landed another few swats, alternating sides, putting more force into each swing. Laura twitched and moaned, but didn’t stop him. Her ass turned a uniform rosy hue. When he paused to stroke it, the flesh felt as though she’d been lying under a sun lamp.

His cock grew harder and more painful each time his palm connected with her butt. He’d never thought about spanking her before. Now he wondered why not. It was one of the hottest things they’d ever done together.

Finally he couldn’t wait any longer.

That’s enough punishment for now,” he gasped. “Now for the fucking.”

More Brides in Vegas is available at all your favorite bookstores. You can get a copy for 50% off at Smashwords, between now and July 31st. Just use the coupon code YW29P at checkout!

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