Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Review Tuesday: Coffee, Tea or ME by Larry Archer #erotica #swinging #ReviewTuesday

Coffee, Tea or ME by Larry Archer
Self-published at Smashwords and Amazon KDP, 2016

Anyone who’s not living under a rock probably knows by now that erotica author Larry Archer is my friend, beta-reader and writing partner. However, he didn’t ask me to review Coffee, Tea or ME. I bought myself a copy after being intrigued by a description on his blog.

This short (74 page) novella dates from a few years ago. It’s less complicated and perhaps less outrageous than some of his more recent work. As with many of his stories, it chronicles the adventures of Foxy and Larry, a married couple living in Las Vegas who are active participants in the swinging Lifestyle. At the start of this book, Foxy has just clinched the grand prize in a poker tournament at one of the casinos. Larry takes her out to celebrate at the Diamond Lounge, where they’re both attracted to Zoe, their cute, curvy server. Foxy propositions Zoe, who surprises herself by accepting. The rest of the story describes the couple’s seduction of the mostly willing waitress—in delicious, explicit detail.

I really liked the focus on only a few characters in this book. In particular, Larry spends a lot of time with (and in...) Zoe, and seems quite taken with her. I enjoyed seeing his tenderness and consideration, as well as his usual randiness.

Meanwhile, Foxy acts bossy, almost bitchy, but that’s just her style. She’s clearly enchanted with her new lover, and puts a lot of effort into initiating the younger woman into Sapphic passion and swinging.

My only real complaint about the tale concerns Zoe’s tendency to faint away after she orgasms. I found this implausible enough that it somewhat interfered with my appreciation of the story. Of course, it’s a common trope in erotica that a particularly strong climax can make you lose touch with reality, but Zoe actually blacks out, repeatedly. If I were she, I’d be heading to the hospital for a neurological check-up!

That doesn’t really spoil the fun, though. Coffee, Tea or ME is a humorous, warm-hearted tale full of lust and affection.


Larry Archer said...


Thanks for the review and comments. You're possibly right about the climatic reaction but believe it or not, some of my girlfriends react that way. My wife is the worst about it. I fear that I have corrupted her. If you ever watch porn on Xhamster or YouPorn for example, watch some from Chloe Nicole. My wife comes exactly like she does. You really know that you're doing a good job when she comes for you except the hard thing is that she thrashes around so much, it's hard to stay in her, but heaven help you if you slip out.

We started dating before she turned 21 and her only experience with sex was with me before getting into the Lifestyle. She can come by just thinking about it and will climax continuously until she actually passes out from exhaustion. Then she'll wake up to come and then pass out again. While it's a real hoot to watch her and be with her, I fear it may frighten people she's with. For a fallen Catholic girl, she's picked up a lot of bad habits.

One of the bloggers I follow, Dawn, is like her and can come at the drop of a hat. I think a lot of it is the amount that you can let yourself go during sex. It's like squirting which most girls can't do without help. IMHO the girl's who can really pour themselves into sex tend to do some of the extreme reactions. My wife will do or try virtually anything is a prime example. Gotta love her!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Guess truth is stranger than fiction LOL.

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