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Introducing Janelle's Best -- #lesbian #erotica #FF @JanelleReston

Best Lesbian Erotica cover

About the Anthology

Hot Drinks Press is thrilled to present nine delectable stories of lesbian love and lust by Janelle Reston, the best-selling queen of Sapphic eroticism. Experience shower sex, outdoor loving, BDSM, and a variety of forbidden pleasures. From first-time sexual experiences at a women’s college to the kinky exploits of experienced dommes, these scorching hot stories have something for everyone.

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Check out these sizzling F/F tales, from vanilla to kinky, including BDSM, femdom, anal play, and role-playing/sexual cosplay!

Body Shots

A first-year college student goes wild at a party thrown by the women’s rugby team.

An Amish Girl Experiments with Chemistry

Rachel Yoder has long discarded her drab Amish garb for hot pink short-shorts and loud music, but she hasn’t forgotten what she learned growing up — that love is best expressed through baking. 
That philosophy has made her downtown bakery among the city’s most popular, so she hires Leticia to help her out. Leticia’s learning a lot about food, but she wants to taste more of Rachel’s love than melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls can provide.

Bicycling Puts the Fun Between Your Legs

Two women experience lust—and maybe love—on a long-distance bike ride through New Jersey’s Pine Barren’s to the Atlantic shore.

Water & Air

Miranda is an ordinary young woman resentful of the magic that runs in her family but has skipped her generation. If she had such powers, she certainly wouldn’t be like the witches who descend on her lake resort town every summer, wasting their powers on stupid party tricks.

But when Miranda meets a water witch named Hazel, she starts to wonder if the practitioners of magic aren’t so bad after all. And if reconciling herself to the world of witchcraft means she has a better chance of sleeping with Hazel, well, so much the better.

Making Snow

In this sexy, modern take on the Grimm fairy tale “Frau Holle” (“Mother Hulda”), a ski resort manager falls through the ice and finds herself in a new world of sensual delights.

Dance for Me

Miranda Jamison’s submissive tendencies awaken under the rigorous teaching methods of dance professor Hannah Lacey. But Miranda soon discovers not any Domme will do. Only Professor Lacey knows how to break Miranda down, then make her more whole than she was before.

In a Pinch

Grad students Jess and Kendra have always had a pretty vanilla sex life. That all changes when Kendra overhears Jess making strange sounds behind a closed door.

Alien Vibes

A couple’s obsession with The X-Files and little gray aliens goes deeper than most.

Wordless Surrender

A Deaf dominant plays with the submissive female partner of her dreams. All About Romance says this story “has an extremely strong sense of character alongside a rapturous sense of love for bondage and dominance that translates well even if you don’t kink to it.”

Excerpt From “Alien Vibes”

The smooth, stainless steel wand gleams in the light from our kitchen window. I can’t resist the urge to reach out and touch.

Do you like it?” you ask, eyebrow quirked. You release your grasp on the T-shaped handle so I can feel the wand’s full weight in my hand. At just six inches long and less than an inch in diameter, it’s surprisingly heavy. It seems almost as dense as the lead musket balls I carry on my belt during steampunk cosplay. I wonder if it’s solid steel all the way through, or if it has a denser metal at its core.

What is it?” I say. Your profession is metal sculpting, but in your free time you’re always designing something new—often for cosplay, although sex toys are another of your talents. Is this apparatus for either of those applications, or perhaps both? I certainly wouldn’t mind feeling its solid length between my legs.

If I told you, I’d be taking all the fun out of this game,” you say. “I’m more interested in what you think it is.”

I consider. Its highly polished surface makes me think of medical labs and hospital equipment. Its weight, on the other hand, makes it seem magical and otherworldly. I turn it over to study the handle. It features something that looks like a trigger, plus ergonomic grooves that seem destined for fingers—except they’re spaced too far apart to accommodate the average human hand comfortably. Plus, there are five of them, instead of the standard four. So it’s not for humans or any of our primate cousins. That leaves one option. “Is it an alien artifact?”

You wink flirtatiously. “You’ll need to be more specific to win the prize.”

Is it used for research on humans?” We’re both big fans of the Roswell aliens and all their cultural permutations, from Close Encounters of the Third Kind to Communion to Alien Autopsy. I’ve always loved the X-Files episodes where subjects lie immobile on tables as thin, genderless aliens with bulbous heads, hairless gray skin, and huge black eyes experiment on them. The scenarios are designed to frighten, and they do. But they also leave me aroused. Being held to a table with shiny metal cuffs and having my nether regions prodded while a dozen pairs of black, baseball-sized eyes coldly observe the proceeding—that’s been my go-to fantasy as long as I can remember.

You touch a finger to the metal wand. “Can you guess what kind of research?”

My thighs quiver. I want the thing inside me. I soothe my palm over its rounded tip. “It makes me think of an anal probe.”

You smirk. “You say that with such certainty. Have you been probed before?”

I bite my lip, feigning timidity as I shake my head—a lie if I ever told one. None of my holes are virgin. “All I know is that I’ve been abducted. But the memories are so hazy. And I don’t … I don’t think that thing could fit inside me.”

You’d be surprised at what aliens can accomplish with their technology.”

Heat seeps between my legs. My opening is damp and my clit rock-hard. “Well, if the research has to be done …” I say tentatively, then clear my throat to shift to a more confident tone. I look into your eyes. “I’ll make that sacrifice. For humanity.”

About Janelle Reston

Janelle Reston lives on a lake with her partner and their black cats. She loves watching Battlestar Galactica and queering gender. Her work has been featured in Best Women's Erotica, Volume 2; Best Lesbian Erotica, Volume 2; and the 2018 Lambda Literary Award Finalist Unspeakably Erotic. You can keep up with her at

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