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Two sexy new releases you won't want to miss! #Erotica #StripClub #Virgin @LarryArcher

Hot Brides cover

I’m excited to announce that my new erotic novella Hot Brides in Vegas is out now! This funny, sexy over-the-top romp set in Larry Archer’s fictional (or not so fictional!) world of The Fox’s Den strip club in Las Vegas – Sin City!

Meanwhile Larry has a book out, too, which you can buy now at Smashwords or Amazon


Larry’s story, Nina, The Fallen Ballerina, is a sexy tale about a beautiful young woman who trained all her life to be a ballerina. But as she grew up, she realized that she was never going to achieve her dream. 

Ballerinas are typically small tiny girls, and as Nina grew into a picture of her mother, she was tall and lanky, not ballerina material at all. Frustrated, Nina threw herself into her college studies and graduated with an MBA at age twenty-four.

Yet once again she was thwarted in her dreams. Working in an office with a sexist boss, she found herself unfulfilled and unhappy.

Just when things couldn’t get any darker, she discovered a job listing for exotic dancers at The Fox’s Den. Could this be her destiny? She asked herself as she interviewed with the club’s manager Linda.

Here’s the blurb for my book.

Francesca Torelli’s tycoon father is throwing a lavish Las Vegas wedding for his only child. Her fiancé Jake and his buddies set out for a stag night, exploring the fleshpots of Sin City. Meanwhile, Fran and her bridesmaids Laura and Chantal are stuck at the resort under the watchful eye of her stern Aunt Giulia, who has promised her brother that Franny will come to the altar a virgin.

Frustrated and annoyed by these double standards, the young women hatch a plan to escape their chaperone and have some fun of their own. With the help of a susceptible concierge, a butch ex-cop limo driver and a scandalous French couturiere, they find their way to The Fox’s Den, the most exclusive—and outrageous—gentlemen’s club in the city. Owner Larry Archer and his crew of strippers, bouncers, voyeurs and sluts are more than happy to welcome the delectable trio as contestants performing at the club’s famous Amateur Night.

The gleeful permissiveness of the Den challenges the women’s assumptions and undermines their inhibitions. Complications ensue when Jake and his groomsmen arrive to find Fran in the midst of her strip act. Then Aunt Giulia crashes the party, determined to save her virgin niece, and things get really sticky—both figuratively and literally.

Will love triumph? Will Francesca be drawn over to the dark side? Is there a difference?

And of course, the excerpt – not by any means the most graphic, but enough, I think, to give you a taste of what to expect:

Not Chantal, too! Laura watched in dismay as her statuesque friend played with the obviously eager redhead. Meanwhile, Francesca moaned and squirmed on the couch, the face of the Asian girl planted firmly in her pussy. What was it about this place? Was it something in the water, or the air?

She rose from her chair, feeling desperately uncomfortable. A hand snagged her ankle.

Don’t go!” Jeanette flashed her a hopeful smile. “Let me make you feel good, too.”

Laura shook off the stripper’s grasp. “No—thank you. I—I’ve never—I’m not…”

Are you sure?” The naked blonde licked her full lips. “It’s really no big deal…”

NO.” Stumbling a bit in her haste, Laura made a beeline for the door, yanked it open, and ran into the corridor. Straight into a hard-muscled chest in a tight black tee.

Hey!” said Steve, grabbing her forearm to steady her. “Are you okay?”

Heat raced through her at the casual touch. “Yes.” A whiff of his manly scent reached her. “No.” She gazed up at him—he was so tall that it was a stretch—and saw the friendly concern in his blue eyes. “I’m fine. Just needed to get out of the dressing room for a while.”

You seem upset.” His eyes narrowed, and now she read something else in his expression. Lust.

Her breath caught and her cheeks burned. He wanted her.

Are Katie and the other girls up to their usual antics?” he asked. He had not released his hold on her arm. “I guess a classy lady like you isn’t used to that sort of thing.”

Some classy lady,” she responded with a forced chuckle. “In an hour or so I’m planning to take my clothes off in front of a crowd of strangers.”

I can hardly wait.” His deep voice sank to a sexy near whisper. He snaked his other arm around her waist to pull her against his hard body. “I haven’t been able to think about anything else, not since you walked in the door of the club.”

He tried to bend down and kiss her. The mismatch between their heights was too great. After an awkward moment trying to adjust, he gave up. Instead, he lifted her right off the floor, bringing her face level with his.

I’ve been thinking about this, too,” he murmured, before his mouth claimed hers.

Oh, god! He was a fantastic kisser! Warm, firm, not too wet, not too dry—just right! His tongue teased the seam of her lips. She opened eagerly, sucking it into her mouth, tangling it with her own.

He tasted like black coffee and salt. Even now, at five o’clock in the afternoon, he was perfectly clean-shaven, with no annoying stubble to irritate her skin. She relaxed in his grip, completely comfortable even though her feet were six inches off the floor. Somehow she knew he’d never drop her.

The kiss went on and on. She didn’t want it to ever stop. Laura closed her eyes, drowning in the smell, the taste, the feel of him. Such strength!

Finally, his lips slid away from hers. “Damn, but this is tough to keep up.” He lowered her to the ground, making sure she was stable on her spiky heels before letting her go.

She searched his handsome face. He looked desperate.

If I don’t have you right now, woman, I’m going to explode.” He half-dragged her across the hall, throwing open the door in front of them and pushing her before him into the dim space.

Get your copy now!

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