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One of my favorite parts about being an author is “meeting” other authors. Over time, I’ve become close friends with some of my peers, especially the people I’ve encountered through the Erotica Readers & Writers Association. I’ve been a member of ERWA for nearly twenty years, participating on the Writers email list, penning posts for their blog and monthly newsletters, and recently, joining into the Storytime online critique group.

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It was through ERWA that I met Larry Archer. He’s a bit of a maverick on the lists, since he proudly labels what he publishes as smut with no redeeming social value. I’m not sure I completely agree about the latter statement—I think the world would be a happier, more peaceful place if everyone had the non-judgmental, open-minded attitudes toward sex displayed by Larry’s characters. In any case, though I love more literary erotica, I also enjoy his light-hearted, unabashedly filthy stories, many of which are set in the decadent world of The Fox’s Den strip club in Las Vegas.

Anyway, Larry and I were chatting by email earlier this year, and he sent me a gorgeous image of two women he’d found on some stock photo site. We began talking about writing a story about these two women, who were obviously lovers:

On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 3:44 AM, Lisabet Sarai wrote:

Hi, Larry,

Actually I was thinking about a story to fit your gorgeous picture of the two women. What if Linda fell deeply in love with a new stripper at the club, and vice versa? Sex between two people who are crazy about each other is the hottest kind, imho. So we could have some truly steam love scenes, along with the usual buffet of sex scenes.

This premise also includes an intrinsic conflict, given the free-for-all attitude of Larry's and Foxy's  circle. Somehow the lovers need to reconcile their mutual commitment with the expectation that anyone might get involved with anyone else. Maybe one member of the couple wants some sort of exclusivity while the other does not. Or maybe one of them *wants* to be exclusive but is too horny to carry it off. There are lots of possibilities.

We could each take a character or two and write from his/her perspective.

Just some thoughts.


Larry replied:
We could have Foxy and/or Larry jealous about this "other woman" who is trifling with the affections of Linda? I could finally get some conflict and resolution in a story, which I seem unable to accomplish.
Do you have any idea how Amazon and SmashWords split up the royalty payments or if we have to do this ourselves? Do you want to be the new dancer? What's her name and what does she look like? Fucking hot I know!


I answered:

Hi, Larry,

Her name is Nina. And I was thinking that she might have signed up to be a dancer because she has a strong exhibitionist streak. She's fine with showing off until she falls in love with Linda. Then she starts to feel confused.

Maybe Foxy would get jealous because Nina refused to get involved with her?

I doubt that Amazon or Smashwords would split royalties. Think we'd have to manage that manually, but that shouldn't be too hard for two engineers!


And thus it began. Originally, we tried to write alternating chapters. Then Larry got grabbed by the story and wrote 20K in one weekend. Meanwhile, I had another idea for a tale set in Larry’s world, about a virginal bride who, along with her bridesmaids, gets drawn in by the hedonistic atmosphere at The Fox’s Den. Like Larry, I found that once I started writing, it was hard to stop, even though life and work kept getting in the way.

To make a long story short, this week we both published our novellas. We couldn’t quite manage to collaborate on a single book, but we’ve tried to coordinate the releases. We beta-read each other’s manuscripts. I wrote an intro for his book, and he wrote one for mine. And we’re hoping that we can swap readers too. Folks that like his books will hopefully like mine, and vice versa.

Well, it’s a theory! In any case, I had a blast with this tale, which is quite different from what I usually write. I hope people like it.

Inspiration is truly mysterious.

Hot Brides in Vegas is the story of virgin (well, technically, at least) bride Francesca Torelli. Her tycoon father is throwing a lavish Las Vegas wedding for his only child. Her fiancé Jake and his buddies set out for a stag night, exploring the fleshpots of Sin City. Meanwhile, Fran and her bridesmaids Laura and Chantal are stuck at the resort under the watchful eye of her stern Aunt Giulia, who has promised her brother that Franny will come to the altar a virgin.

Frustrated and annoyed by these double standards, the young women hatch a plan to escape their chaperone and have some fun of their own. With the help of a susceptible concierge, a butch ex-cop limo driver and a scandalous French couturiere, they find their way to The Foxs Den, the most exclusiveand outrageous—gentlemen’s club in the city. Owner Larry Archer and his crew of strippers, bouncers, voyeurs and sluts are more than happy to welcome the delectable trio as contestants performing at the club’s famous Amateur Night.

The gleeful permissiveness of the Den challenges the women’s assumptions and undermines their inhibitions. Complications ensue when Jake and his groomsmen arrive to find Fran in the midst of her strip act. Then Aunt Giulia crashes the party, determined to save her virgin niece, and things get really sticky—both figuratively and literally. Things end happily for everyone, though, with a spate of weddings and engagements, as well as the opening of some minds.

Nina, The Fallen Ballerina (NTFB), is now available at all your favorite purveyors of smut, Kinky Literature, Amazon, and SmashWords. Soon to be up at Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo among others.

NTFB is an HEA story about a young woman whose lifelong dream was to be a ballerina and dance on the big stage. But genetics is a cruel bitch and Nina ended up like her mother at almost six-feet in height.

We all know that ballerinas are tiny little things who get hoisted up and thrown around the stage by the male dancers. So goodbye to Swan Lake and Nina’s dreams.

Then she overheard a conversation about The Fox’s Den and what an unbelievable strip club it was. Could she be a stripper? Nina asked herself as the thought of dancing naked both thrilled and scared her. 

The story leads you down the path that Nina took as she finally finds her calling as an erotic dancer and discovers the thrills of sex with other women and swingers. The owners of the club, Foxy and Larry, quickly take over Nina’s education as she falls in love with Linda, the club manager.
~ ~ ~

Can’t figure out which one to buy? Why not treat yourself to both?


Larry Archer said...

Great post Lisabet and I have to admit that working with you has been a thrill in itself. I know that I've become a better writer because of you and hope that the experience was mutual. "Was it good for you too?"

As you mention, the smut I write is generally different from other authors but I guess when I started I didn't have anyone to guide me. I must admit that I usually just look at the pictures LOL but one day about five years ago I stumbled onto Literotica and thought to myself, "I can do that."

Now five years and 20+ stories later, I'm co-releasing two hot novellas with an established and well respected writer of erotica. Thank you for that opportunity.


Lisabet Sarai said...

I find working with you very -- um -- stimulating! ;^)

Lisabet Sarai said...

Oh, and I should mention I've learned a LOT about self-publishing from you.

We smut-mongers have to help one another!

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