Thursday, September 7, 2017

Three Sentence Thursday (#brevity #teaser #bdsm)

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I’m not known for my brevity.

But I’m working on learning how to be succinct.

So I’m starting a new feature for Thursdays when I don’t have a guest: Three Sentence Thursdays.

I’ll treat you to just three sentences from one of my books.

And hopefully, that will make you want more!

This week’s sentence trio is from my paranormal BDSM erotic romance, Damned If You Do.


As quickly as they’d arrived, his fingers were gone, leaving her empty and aching. She gazed at him in a state of horny disbelief as he used a monogrammed hankie from his breast pocket to clean her juices from his elegant hands. “I shall decide what you must bear, my sweet little slave.”

If you want more...

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