Monday, September 12, 2016

Five Star Review for G&V (#5star #review #LASR)

I'm feeling pretty good today. Just got word that my most recent novel, The Gazillionaire and the Virgin, got a 5 star review over at Long and Short Reviews

To quote the reviewer: This one has a plot that is totally different and not what I expected.

Since that was what I was aiming for, I'm really delighted!

Want to read a snippet? Happy to oblige! This one's from Theo's point of view:

The firmness molding my back and butt suggests Im stretched out on the bed. Have I been asleep? I dont recall lying down, indeed, dont remember anything for the space of several breaths. Then it all comes crashing back, a tsunami of embarrassment, fear and regret. The fund raiser. Rachel. Oh, my God!

Theo? Are you awake?

She keeps her voice low, as though she understands the pain bouncing around in the hollows of my skull. Memory flutters back in bits and pieces. A dizzy, endless journey. Struggling not to vomit on Rachels upholstery. I crack open my eyelids, squinting into the welcome dimness.

Rachel?I rasp, my mouth dry as the Santa Anas. All I can see is the featureless ceiling.What happened?

When I raise my head, seeking her, the room spins and my stomach objects strenuously. Shes there, though, leaning toward me, seated on one of my dining room chairs, which shes dragged to the side of the bed. Her curls have come loose from the glittering clips she used to tame them, and her make-up is smudged. Shes unspeakably gorgeous.

Despite my sorry state, the headache and the cotton mouth and the dizziness, my cock stirs inside the monkey suit I’m apparently still wearing. Ah, the tenaciousness of lust!


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